The Light Triumphs: The Republic, Donald Trump, Earth, Final Battle

eraoflight awakenGreetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj(Kayry).

In the following article spreading truth and awareness is the intention. We are at a crucial point in our timeline here on Earth. With utmost importance it is that YOU do what you can to shed light on the truth.

Please read the following very carefully with an open mind.

In life there are no accidents, no thing such as a coincidence exists, and most certainly there are no conspiracy theories. There are simply truths and lies. And every accusation ever made against the Deep State, the Ill-uminati, the Zionists, and the Vatican is 100% truth.

They are one and the same, but we’ll call them the Cabal. A blood thirsty, dominance hungry, ruthless clan, that spans back over ten thousand years. Ruling from ancient Sumer(modern Iraq), Babylon, Egypt, Rome, England, Washington D.C. These are the, let’s call them offsprings of the beings that caused the collapse of the continent you know as Atlantis over twelve thousand years ago.

The most deceitful, sadistic, inhumane, soul cringing thing you can think of, the Cabal has done it.

From starting unnecessary wars in the name of freedom and terrorism. WW1, WW2, the American Civil War, the Cold War, all wars in the Middle East, and many others. Plots of fake terrorism, killing hundreds of millions of humans for depopulation and pleasure. Human trafficking, eating human infants, kidnapping, “children trade” with negative ET entities for advanced weaponry. Drugging, raping adolescent females and sending them to Hollywood to become “pornstars”. CIA programs to destabilize American families, sexism, to make MAN and WOMAN despise each other. Artificial medicine, poisonous vaccinations, deliberately creating disease to depopulate and profit from the “cure”.

These ruthless entities are the ones that brought slavery to America. They gave you the “theory of evolution”, the idea of race and religion. Creating hate and division between humans based on physical appearance.

They created Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and are the authors of the bloodiest books ever written. The Tanakh, the Bible and the Quran. Which are full of exaggerated claims, false promises, hate filled, fear mongering, ‘end of the world’ predicting texts(to put it in peoples minds in hopes that peoples fear and dark thoughts become reality).

One more Cabal creation that people enjoy, and in my opinion, and anyone with a slight awareness has seen this, one of the most irrelevant things in our world today, “sports”. The sole purpose of it being distraction. Ironically receiving the most attention by the masses.

They are responsible for 9/11, which prevented NESARA from being declared. Chemtrails(poisoning the air), and all the weather modifications programs, from hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes and more.

One would need to write many books in order to fit the crimes that the Cabal has committed against Humanity and Mother Earth herself, yes she is a living being. They have drained her blood(oil), they have harvested her organs(gold, diamond, and thousands of other minerals) for hundreds of years for power and profit. While at the same time keeping Free Energy devices hidden from the public.

The Cabal has given America all the unconstitutional three letter agencies the country has today. The CIA, NSA, FBI, DIA, DHS, NAA, IRS, TSA, and many more, that cost the people trillions of dollars every year. Let’s not forget Federal Reserve, a privately Cabal owned bank that has nothing to do with the Republic of the United States of America.

After everything that has occurred in our world just in the last five hundred years alone, all the suffering, the wrong that has been done, the deceit, the crimes against the innocent, it all ends NOW, the time has finally arrived.

It is essential to understand that the Cabal has always gone after and killed anyone that stood in their way. They are the same entities that killed Abraham Lincoln. They assassinated John F. Kennedy. Why? Because he became aware of the Cabals evil plans and decided to take action.

After all that has happened, there is yet hope, not just for America but the world. We have leaders from many countries that are fully aware of this Cabal and their propaganda.

In America a courageous man has risen. This one that has chosen to stand fearlessly against the Cabal. His name is Donald J. Trump. This is why now all day long on the mainstream media that is 100% Cabal owned, they demonize this man.

They have paid people millions to come forward with false accusations against him, they are doing all they can in hopes of bringing this man down. Yes, they have even made ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTS against him, they have failed.

If Donald J. Trump was such a bad human being, an evil one, the Cabal media would be doing the exact opposite of what they are doing to Trump now. They would be praising him, they would want you to LOVE him. But why all the false accusations, why all this hate created against him?

The answer is simple and clear for those who wish to understand. Donald J. Trump has destroyed the Cabals plans for world domination. He has prevented them from starting World War 3. His goal is to bring about Extraterrestrial Disclosure. To end the Federal Reserve, the IRS, and all the other corrupted so called government agencies that operate on American soil illegally, and to finally declare NESARA as law of the land.

Friends, we are in the final push of this battle. To free Earth and Humanity from the parasites that have been running uncontrollably for millennia, and now their demise has come.

My final words in this piece are; Let us unite as the spiritual beings that we are, for that is what we are. We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Love is in our DNA, love is what holds the Universe together, love is what will restore our beautiful Mother Earth to her original pristine state. Through love we will unite and create a world of peace, joy and abundance for all. Through love we will enter the new world of the 5th Dimensional Earth Reality.

From heart to heart, I am Kejraj(Kayry).

11 Replies to “The Light Triumphs: The Republic, Donald Trump, Earth, Final Battle”

  1. EK

    This confirms what I have suspected for about twenty five years. The only thing that comes as any surprise to me out of all of this is the magnitude. I knew it was deep, but not that deep.

    Question: Was Reagan cabal?
    While JFK did die, Reagan ALMOST died.

    It is NOT Democrat versus Republican, or any other party.
    It is NOT Liberal versus Conservative, or any other leaning.
    It is NOT Left versus Right, or any other direction.
    It IS Good versus Evil.
    The Evil is WAY DEEPER than ANYONE can imagine.
    Impossible to wrap our minds around it.

    Trump may have run officially as Republican, but he is NO PARTY. That alone may be why so many voted for him, because they are SO SICK of all the BS the last how many YEARS, and latched on to him when they found out he’s an outsider.
    He was the BEST one for the MILITARY to ASK HIM TO RUN.
    Is he perfect?
    WHO IS?
    Is his past less than perfect?
    Who DOESN’T have things in their past they are not proud of?
    He did NOT get where he is by being a dummy.
    For those who may not understand how Trump operates, understand not only chess, but AT LEAST 5D CHESS, coupled with the book Art of War.

    Does ANYONE SERIOUSLY THINK we would be where we are NOW if SHE won?
    NOT A ******* PRAYER!
    SHE would have been the last half of the plan to destroy America as we know it.
    Obama was the FIRST half.

    There are many who do not understand or appreciate just how close we ALL came to being in the EXACT OPPOSITE place where we are now, and we ALL should be forever grateful and thankful that we are not.

    I strongly believe when this is all said and done, there will be MANY, MAYBE ALL, who will be THANKING Trump.
    There’s a meme on Twitter showing Trump and the words “I’m giving your country back, and half of you don’t know it yet” I believe that 1000%!

  2. Cheri Lawrence

    Excellent summary! and so agree with everything you said except I feel too that NESARA and GESARA and the whole revaluation and focus on currency (fiat, bitcoin, crypto, gold) and universal incomes (which is just welfare in disguise and diminishes ones sovereignity) for all, and so called humanitarian funds, etc is a dark construct. The people who support this in our community are good people who want good things but it is based on lack (not having enough) and fear (crashing economies, banks going belly up and markets crashing) and reinforces the cabals tried and true thoughtform creation and false reality that money will solve our problems.

    I think Trump is doing an amazing job taking control of these dark creations and turning them into something positive and organic with free trade and open market economies. These dark systems will morph with full transparency and integrity being restored in our leadership. I see him paying off our huge national debt and restoring our sovereignty and the world will follow. We all must contribute to society with our creations to trade or sell, create businesses and markets or be employed in jobs we love and eventually all this will morph into the golden age with new creations and technology. We are being SEEDED now by the light with all these new and higher dimensional ideas and concepts. That is how it manifests, it evolves by us all participating in doing what we love. It is not magic instant manifestation from ET’s or other saviors. It comes from within us and together we create a world that works for all of us!!

  3. RevK

    My final words in this piece are; Let us unite as the spiritual beings that we are, for that is what we are. We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Love is in our DNA, love is what holds the Universe together, love is what is restoring our beautiful Mother Earth to her original pristine state. Through love we unite and create a world of peace, joy and abundance for all. Through love we are now entering into new world of the 5th Dimensional Earth Reality.

  4. George

    VERY well said. I see only one tiny error. The statement of “And every accusation ever made against the Deep State” should have the word “almost” in front of “every accusation”. I’ll bet that dark agents have made apparent accusations that are way over board to dis-inform us. They do that a lot, like the stupid statement of there is lots of money in the world, 1 followed by 100 zero’s worth of dollars! When one does a LITTLE bit of arithmetic with that you suddenly see that just one person’s share of that in trillion dollar notes would weigh more than the entire know universe!!!!!

  5. Larry

    This document needs to be put out in public for the millions to read. It is by far the best in describing our world at its current state. It would wake up all the ones asleep at the wheel. Thanks so much for this kejraj!

  6. Pat

    So well put. Thank you. And also how these unconstitutional three-letter agencies have killed hundreds of innocent people and their ff patsys with no accountability.

  7. Georgi Stankov

    Dear Kejrej,

    Your article is spot on.

    However, your statement that Trump goal is to end Fed, IRS, etc. and establish Nesara” is your wishful thinking and not his program. Besides the concept of Nesara is a CIA project which they introduced in the New Age through their agent provocateurs and most light workers who have no proper knowledge on finance and the nature of money swallowed the bait hook, line and sinker.

    I think that you can learn a lot from this article on alternative financial systems in upper 4D worlds (in 5D there will be no money) which by the way already exist in these higher ascended timelines.

    With best regards
    Dr. Georgi Stankov