Criticism on the Article “The Light Triumphs”

154059659211780217Reader J. N. writes: In one of your recent articles titled The Light Triumphs seemed like you were expressing hate towards the Cabal??? I picked up negative energy in your words. Shouldnt we be more forgiving in these times and letting things go???

Kejraj Response: Greetings to You J. N. – I received criticism about the article from a couple of other people actually via email. You’re not the only one.

We all perceive things differently, yes?

I simply spoke truth in the article, regarding the Cabals actions in particular. It is time for the truth to make it to the light. I am also one of the firsts in the spiritual community to write a piece about forgiving the Cabal.

However, forgiveness does not mean the actions simply get swept under the rug, ESPECIALLY what the Cabal has done, not for one or two hundred years but for over twelve thousand years. Also, by no means am I laying all blame on them. Humanity is responsible as well for blindly trusting their so called leaders.

There is simply the desire to bring truth on the forefront of reality. Nothing for or against, not for punishment, but for simple truth. With the truth coming to the light, so does the end of the Cabal.


5 Replies to “Criticism on the Article “The Light Triumphs””

  1. Cheri Lawrence

    Yes! Truth is both the Light and the Love. It needs no conditioning or interpretation, that is why it is unconditional. It is transparent and therefore has full integrity. We can forgive others to free our own hearts from any burden of resentment or emotional resonance but we must never forget what was done. It was heinous, it violated our free will through deceit and manipulation which crosses any acceptable lines of momentary transgressions. What they continue to do the the children as Doug mentioned above, literally cannibalizing and feeding off innocence through sex, torture and fragmentation of consciousness is so beyond hideous, it is irredeemable. There is no way you can come back from such darkness in your heart and soul. The only justice beyond the most extreme penalties we can apply here in 3d that I can fathom would be to give these psychopathic narcissists the full range of feelings that we possess such as empathy and full compassion and watch them completely dissintigrate from the horrors they have willingly wrought on humanity. Just my humble opinion. When we operate in full integrity there is no need for judgement.

  2. Doug James

    The cabal..all the control entities have literally been plotting to start ww3 via a nuclear exchange with Russia, actually tried 2 times that we know of, in 2013 I believe it was tried to drop a nuclear device on Charleston SC per Karen Hudes world bank attorney, then we all know of the missile attack against hawaii, that was stopped, these people literally wanted to wipe us all off the planet while they retreated to the trillion $$ bunkers they have built with our tax $$. It is beyond forgiveness for me, Source will need to decide on their fate. Killing babies, drinking their adrenalin filled blood, eating babies, what more does one have to say here, the Nazis were never defeated.. they infiltrated the US hell we invited them. These people think of us as their cattle, even sold us to a grey ET race for military tech.

  3. Jennifer Brock

    I will forgive the cabal when they are safely locked up and/or taken to the central sun. What they have done to our world and especially our children must NEVER be repeated. Yes I will forgive them when they are locked up and taken where they belong. I will say a nice prayer for their souls and then dust my hands off. Oh I forgot many don’t have souls…well I could skip the prayer then. This will never be repeated anywhere anytime ever again.

  4. Kiranasa

    Why no Judges in the world forgives convicted criminals? Because they are racist or bad Judges, or because they are punishing them for their own good, to teach them a lesson and help them!!!
    How else they will understand that what they did was wrong?

  5. Marty Doyle

    Just this morning at 2:30 a.m. as I was walking , yes am, I was expressing to myself, I felt grateful and appreciative of your posts because I feel more focused and aware of my purpose and mission because of your MUSINGS (I’m laughing). Thank you for the gift of you. NEVER ONCE have I experienced inside me any judgement (which has feelings) about your writings. To me, you have clarity, openness, honesty, and transparency, and then you throw me for a loop when you throw in that truth stuff which brings me more balance and harmony and love inside me. You are a blessing to me. Thanks

    Marty Doyle