Criticism on the Article “The Light Triumphs”

154059659211780217Reader J. N. writes: In one of your recent articles titled The Light Triumphs seemed like you were expressing hate towards the Cabal??? I picked up negative energy in your words. Shouldnt we be more forgiving in these times and letting things go???

Kejraj Response: Greetings to You J. N. – I received criticism about the article from a couple of other people actually via email. You’re not the only one.

We all perceive things differently, yes?

I simply spoke truth in the article, regarding the Cabals actions in particular. It is time for the truth to make it to the light. I am also one of the firsts in the spiritual community to write a piece about forgiving the Cabal.

However, forgiveness does not mean the actions simply get swept under the rug, ESPECIALLY what the Cabal has done, not for one or two hundred years but for over twelve thousand years. Also, by no means am I laying all blame on them. Humanity is responsible as well for blindly trusting their so called leaders.

There is simply the desire to bring truth on the forefront of reality. Nothing for or against, not for punishment, but for simple truth. With the truth coming to the light, so does the end of the Cabal.