The Team: Divine Seeds of Hope

thecollectiveWe are here honored to have this opportunity to share these words and acknowledge you for your magnificent courage. This is not always an easy dimension to be embodied within. It is however a dimension of all possibilities. You, along with all other physical/divine beings who have chosen to be embodied, are here playing in this reality, this hologame, this illusion as the creators of all that is being presented and out-pictured.

As we observe the chaos, the polarized events that attract everyone’s attention, we invite you to be aware of where you place your focused energy. Remember in your physical stance, you as well as all others are the divine creators. However most earthwalkers are not aware that what they place their attention upon is what they are calling forth, asking for and creating by their words and vibrations.

You thoughts, words, intentions, worries and emotional vibrations are always interfacing with the quantum field. So in these forms, you are always asking. The quantum field, the universe is always answering, responding, matching your requests.

Now multiply that process by all the divine beings in human form and you can begin to sense why this reality has so many divergent and various points of view and opinions. From our observation of those who are embodied here in your reality, most are unaware that they are creating what they are experiencing.

A divine being decides to manifest a physical form in this dimension. When a sensitive, empathic divine being takes on a physical form they automatically match the dimensional field they step into. This dimension has a strong field of unconscious limitations. So all your divine awareness and abilities can be and often are suppressed by this unconscious field.

Children are still connected with their divine awareness. They sense things, feel things that they might not have words for, or often, if they do share what they see or feel, they are invalidated by the adults around them. Over time the child will lose touch with the gifts and abilities they came in with. The first gift that is usually invalidated is the imagination, which, by the way, is one of your most powerful gifts as a divine being.

Children begin to match the energy and even take on the energy of those around them, even in the womb of their mother or in the core people with whom they live. All vibrations and emotional patterns are transferred in this way. The vibrations of thought forms and emotional patterns are transferred from person to person. There is no judgment, just an awareness.

So from these vibrations of misinformation, limited perception and misqualified or negative energy, patterns and habits are often created. A physical being creates from the energy field of who they believe they are. They create from the patterns of their personal wounds, intense experiences, abuse, abandonment, insecurity and on and on.

This perspective gives you a broader understanding of those you judge or condemn. If a human is acting out of all these distorted patterns and wounds, they are creating distorted realties. This is what you are witnessing here at this time on your planet. From our observation this planet has taken dysfunction to an art form.

We speak to you now as the awake aware multidimensional divine being that you are. You have stepped out of the dysfunctional patterns, you are aware of your own ability to transform the negative energy you encounter. You are recognizing your own limiting thoughts and behaviors and transforming them. We applaud you for the personal work you have done and continue to do.

When each human remembers, partners with and empowers their divine self they are contributing to the collective good. They are anchoring a new life sustaining reality, every time.

We can understand when you observe the tragic and horrific events taking place daily that it is difficult to maintain a level of hope for a shift or transformation. When you hear news of a mass extinction and global warming happening faster than many have predicted or expected, we can understand your sense of hopelessness and helplessness.

However we remind you that you are powerful beyond measure. There is an incredibly vast number of awake beings on your planet, more than you might realize. We assure that along with yourself there are legions of humans who know who they are and that they are here to transform and uplift the consciousness of this planet. You are not alone in your work or service.

Even in the midst of all despair, all discouragement or feelings of futility, there are divine seeds of hope and transformation always ready to be activated. You and other awake beings carry these seeds of hope. As an aware conscious being you have known far better worlds and realities. You, as a powerful multidimensional being, have also served to transform other realities on the timeline, as well as in other dimensions and galactic fields. This is not your first mission.

You are the seneschal, the sacred keeper of the codes of the seeds of hope. It is that frequency, that vibration that you carry and anchor from your most divine understanding of who you are.

Imagine in whatever way feels most appropriate for you, that you can energetically plant these seeds of hope in the field of the collective consciousness. You can spend quiet time envisioning what miracle or good can come out of some negative event. You can envision a life sustaining reality for all. You can envision or imagine that methods are discovered that clear and clean the air and water of your planet. You can support others in connecting with nature in a real and healing way.

When you witness hopelessness, counter those vibrations with a clear wave of your own hope for the highest and the best to unfold. Realize that together you can truly transform what is perceived as negative. Remember you are a master of energy, a transformer of energy. Use your tools of awareness and imagination as the awesome alchemist that you are. You are here to uplift the consciousness of this planet. You are here to support the ascension of consciousness into the higher dimensions of true oneness. You are here to anchor a new reality.

You are here to seed this experience, this dimension with vibrations and patterns of gratitude and appreciation as well as hope. In your imagination, allow yourself to experience the realities that can and will spring up from the energetic seeds that you plant. Your focused attention and focused imagination are the nutrients that these code seeds require to sprout and emerge.

Always remember in the darkest hour at the very last second, transformation and a shift are possible and can happen. Continue to care for and nurture the seeds of hope and plant them within this experience and the collective, as well as within all that you meet and know. Remember what you focus upon becomes.

We honor and acknowledge you for your ability and your divine skills to transform realities. We are always available upon your request as are all other non-physical luminous being of love. We await the invitation to assist and support you in your seed planting. the ‘team’

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