New Moon Re-balancing; Finding Your Center After Turmoil

full moon eraoflightAfter weeks of hateful rhetoric and violence, today’s new moon signals the opportunity for some fresh starts and re-balancing. The world is watching, after yesterday’s US midterms, to see how America will respond to the wake-up call regarding the need for an inclusive more heart-centered society. Record numbers of women winning election to Congress sends a message about big changes ahead. There is no quick fix for division, yet there is new hope for mending wounds and discovering how to bridge the huge divide. As America looks at itself – hopefully learning its lessons about divisiveness – it can rebuild and modernize its democratic model long admired around the world. Continue reading to understand what these things mean for you.

On a personal level, this past couple of years were likely difficult to process. These past several weeks have been like an intense roller coaster for all who are consciously awake to the turmoil unfolding in our world.
Sensitives Feel This More

Sensitives feel it more. When there is a tragedy with loss of life, or mean-spirited rhetoric designed to fuel hate, sensitives process this on a number of levels. Some processing is in the background outside awareness; other processing can be so palpable and unsettling that it keeps people up at night.

For you as a divine changemaker – most likely having been alive during some previous historical revolutions – there can be energetic flashbacks from deep within your subconscious regarding tyranny, injustice, and loss of life. These memories are sitting there in the akashic records of your DNA. They are there because the DNA is an eternal akashic record of one’s experiences.

Even if you have been far away from recent disturbing events, your emotional and mental bodies experienced wounding as you processed things internally.
All Human Hearts Are Connected

You are part of the human family, after all, and with awakening all hearts become connected.

Whatever personal issues you are facing, too, become amplified in such moments.

Keep that in mind as you go about your life. Do what you can to purposefully separate out in your mind your own issues from society’s. Allow yourself to learn, too, from those times when your issues are mirrored back to you by what’s happening in the world.

For humanity to heal, each of us must heal. There is an energetic exchange going on all the time in the background. When I do 1-1 DNA healing for people globally and we clear something also held in the mass consciousness, there is a healing for humanity as a whole.
Healing of Humanity’s Heart

Humanity’s heart needs healing, as does yours. Wounds of the heart – which everyone has over time living on the Earth – reduce access to the enlightened spiritual heart. It is the spiritual heart we will focus on connecting with Saturday at the monthly global meditation. A mega heart healing and spiritual heart activation will be facilitated for all.
What’s Needed Now

What’s needed now – from all of us – is a long-term and big-picture view of how we want to live together on the Earth. We must take into account the sustainability of the planet and the next generations. We didn’t come now to simply take care of ourselves, then leave the planet in a dire condition for clean up by others. We are bigger than that.

When we witness things that divide us and stir hate, we have an obligation to speak up. In my upcoming 2019 Predictions eBook I’ll be giving specific examples of what individuals can do to take back their power and create a loving world.

Meanwhile, I suggest staying awake to what’s unfolding around you and within your circles. Since radical changes take time, do your best to be mindful of the seemingly small incremental changes occurring. Decide which ones you feel are beneficial for where we are headed – then put your energy into helping them materialize.
New Moon Tip

New moon tip. Time to shift something in your life. Invite a fresh perspective on something current or insights about what is blocking you. Trust what you get and take action. Even one step of action towards your goal counts a lot at this moon.

If you are making intentions, consider adding to your list:

Transform self-judgement to self-acceptance.
Be open to seeing what’s important for spiritual growth and success.
Embrace others as they are vs how they should be.
Put the love inside self into love-in-action in the world.



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