The Council: Is it Really Possible to Anchor the Godself Within

ascended beings“Dear Council, I have been walking the spiritual road for many years now and have reached a point where I would love to feel securely in my Godself instead of experiencing passing moments. Is it really possible to anchor the Godself within this physical body while we are still living with “ the veil” as part of our existence in this dimension? How does one break through this veil?”

You have touched upon a core subject. Before we get into our answer, let us offer our sincere congratulations and our appreciation. You know yourself to be a true seeker. Cherish that and remember it when you begin to question yourself. You are more than you know.

There are certain limitations that appear to be impossible to overcome when one is faced with them. But they are only limitations in appearance. And your question gives us the opportunity to make some statements that appear to be impossible to believe, or to comprehend, for most of you, even the most dedicated seekers. But if you can simply begin to live with the idea that it is possible that they are true, your experience will change. In other words, spirit, your spirit, will meet you halfway.

Please understand that you are here and seeking because your highest self wants you to find. Also, that highest self is not somewhere else filing her nails or enjoying his round of golf. He or she is fully as engaged as you will allow.

Now, let us also explain that you are not a being that is divided into many separate parts. We can speak of your physical self, your astral, emotional, mental, and causal bodies, your soul, your divine self. But these are necessary only as teaching and communication tools. When an I AM is seen, felt, sensed, it is whole. It is immense. It is unspeakably beautiful. It is what you truly are.

The meat suit, as some call it, that you need in order to walk around in is a part of that. And it has accepted vast amounts of information, as a part of the collective, which it also is, all of which is historical, and almost all of which is erroneous.

As the most obvious example, you have accepted that you are not, cannot be, must not think you are, a divine being of any kind. God does not speak to people anymore. In huge parts of the world, the most wonderful gifts that you have been created with are taught to be sinful and not to be looked at or discussed.

This brings us to the crux of your question and we will answer in this way:

It is not that you are not securely in your Godself. We know that you can understand intellectually that you cannot be anywhere else. No one and nothing exists outside of God, nor is that even possible. But you do not experience the truth of that. Why not?

Books exist on that topic, but today you get the short answer. You will not allow it. You are afraid of it. And you have accepted that it is not possible. You are judging yourselves according to the measures you have been conditioned to accept. You accept because you cannot see beyond into what it would truly mean for you. Now, accepting does not mean that you must go to the highest hill and pronounce it.

So, now let’s discuss what is possible.

If you can forgive yourselves for any and all things that you think you have said and done, or may have said and done, change will come. If you can accept the possibility that you may, indeed it is your right to, experience the divine in yourself, change will come. If you can know that the divine aspects of yourself are as real as your nose and as close as your feelings, change will come. Do not hope for it. Do not beseech your Creator for it. Expect it. You will not have any trouble finding historical texts promising you this is so. “All of the things I have done, ye shall do also, and more.”

Now, your physical bodies are not capable yet of holding the energy of most of the highest frequencies of your beings. You are being upgraded, but you are not there yet. However, you are quite capable of feeling the presence of what you call your higher selves. Seek that feeling. When you sense it, acknowledge it. And don’t berate yourselves when it passes. You are in a process. Accept that it will return. Accept that it will grow in strength and duration. And gauge yourselves against yourselves and not against what should be. Because we promise you, you are going to exceed the ‘should bes’ beyond anything you can imagine. That is where you are. That is when you be. Almost all of you will experience the truth of these things, if you allow it, in your lifetime. Some will transition, but they will be aware of it. They just get to come back and enjoy it that much quicker, if they so choose.

Thank you for this opportunity to address the topic. If readers have further questions on this topic, we shall be most happy to answer them. Good day.


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