The Lyran Council of Time: Bridging the Unconscious

allislove eraoflight.jpgBlessed being, as always it is a precious moment when we meet in your awareness. Your awareness is a powerful catalyst of creation.

As your clarity with your awareness is increased, your creative nature is also increased.

This is why we focus so much on releasing the inner discord and bringing the unconscious into conscious choice.

As you move into more consciousness within your inner experience, you begin to shift the experience around you in a way that aligns with your internal core of Love.

This is your subtle bridge, spiraling potential into creation.

Interacting with the subtle realms is something that comes naturally to you. Whether or not you are doing it consciously, you are continuously interacting with the subtle realm. This time of Ascension is about amplifying your conscious connection with the subtle realm.

Your ability to create clarity within aligns your world with your clear intent.


As you visualize the hourglass spiral moving, at the top its information is dispersed into a wide area—the movement is slow and easy.

If you were to imagine a speck [spark] of light at the top of the spiral, it spins slowly and gathers information and structure to it at a slow rate.

Without feeling too much push or pull, that speck of light is able to observe what is around it easily, recognizing what is similar and what is different, what is desired and undesired, and navigating movement reasonably.

As that spark of light continues to flow in the spiral, the movement increases in speed and it becomes more difficult to observe and choose slowly because there is such a pull to connection. There is also a strong repelling push from what is too different to maintain a bond.

In essence, this is what you see within the human experience now. There is an increased push-pull, a deeper bonding of that which is similar.

This creates more clarity of self, and more of a push-pull that separates, or a polarization.

Yet just as you see exemplified in your own cellular reproduction, separation is the beginning of new bonding of creation. Your work is to align within and allow the creation that is natural to you.

As you focus your awareness on your core intent, your deep core of Love, you are aligning with the connection of creation.

From Information to Transformation

As information travels through the spiral it becomes changed. It cannot remain the same because movement is the mechanism of change. The flow of Time shows you this.

What you are experiencing now is a natural push-pull as your collective moves through a tightening; an increase and amplification of the spiral flow of energy and light.

You are experiencing this on a collective level, as humanity chooses what breaks or bonds. The natural cycles of the spiral of your galaxy and the greater cycles beyond your galaxy create a push-pull. This naturally separates and bonds, creating change and evolution for Life.

You are experiencing this on an individual level, as a spark of life. It is your own spiraling movement that creates constant change as you go through connections and separations. This creates clarity of desire and direction within you.

The polarization that you are experiencing is an opportunity for choice.

The connection that you are experiencing is an opportunity for choice.

You become more conscious as you begin enveloping the unconscious into your conscious choice.


As a biomechanism, you never just observe, you always interact. Whether it is from what you observe through your own musing or from something you hear from another or through technology—you are always interacting.

You have a deeper understanding of the totality of life that is accessible by bridging the unconscious and the conscious mind. As you connect your unconscious and conscious, you change your interaction.

You must create this subtle bridge within.

The apparatus of the unconscious mind is a connection with the totality of information. It interacts with you through your conscious resonance, your choice.

Your conscious mind creates the expression of unconscious information. However, all unconscious information does not have to come into expression through you.

You begin to make more conscious choices when you expand your consciousness into a clarity that aligns with your core intent of Love.

Connect within the self and soothe fear into potential strength.

Release resistance that shuts down your broader flow and shift movement into transformation.

These healing intentions expand your consciousness, enveloping your unconscious to connect and form through your conscious choice.

The Unconscious Love Within You

The core intent of love is the binding force of all life. It is desire, it is creativity, it is life begets life. As you become clearer with your conscious choice, you are aligning your specific physical nature with your unconscious nature creating a unity within the self.

Union within the self creates access to vast amounts of information.

Your unconscious mind is your bridge to rapid evolution.

As you evolve, you begin enveloping the unconscious into your conscious choice.

This is the natural evolution for a species. Without the engine of the unconscious there would be no potential growth within the biomechanism.

Your unconscious mind is your creative key. It is a reflection of the totality of the universe within which you live.

It is available for more conscious connection as you soothe the fears within and as you heal the resistance that blocks you from your flow.

Your unconscious mind is the vastness available to you that has been storing data awaiting your resonance.

It awaits your choice to align it into form.


Your unconscious mind is the omniscient part of you, it is your bridge within the omniscience of life. It has a wisdom that understands reality and non-reality, or formed and potential.

When your physicality reacts, it shows you your dominant resonance. Data has no push pull in the unconscious mind, for all potential is honored.

Your conscious choice is important. Your consciousness brings potential into form.

Life flows to you unconditionally whether you are in a moment of pain or ease, rage or joy, harm or help. Life flows to you unconditionally.

As you nourish your inner realm and create clarity within, you enhance the strength of Life’s flow in all that you experience.

The strengthening is an inherent part of the process because without it potential does not come to form.

Humanity’s evolution is at an exciting point that demands that the unconscious information become more aligned with the conscious. Otherwise the push pull will become even greater.

The spiral movement breaks weak bonds and enhances strong bonds. It is the flow of life.

Just as within the subatomic structure, it is the neutral energy (neutrons) that is the powerful bridge between which creates stability.

This also reflects your bridge of conscious and unconscious. It is your neutrality; the peace that passes all understanding, that creates a stable connection between your conscious and unconscious mind.


To establish a greater connection between your conscious and unconscious nature, merge with the image of the creator, the vastness, the totality. Imagine your physicality spiraling out, dissolving into All, connecting with the depth of invisible, infinite Love.

Nurture your inner dialogue—it is an important and creative aspect of your beingness. It is your subtle bridge connecting directly with the vast subtle realm. Allow your initial emotional and mental reactions to flow into your consciousness and transform.

You may do this in a meditative state, or even while interacting with another. Become astute in your own inner dialogue, discussing with yourself what you are sensing, even as you listen and connect more deeply.

As you allow your unconscious to connect with your consciousness, you allow your subtle bridge to strengthen and your clarity to amplify.

Compassion and appreciation are powerful catalysts for this process. Begin with amplifying compassion for yourself. It is self-love that nurtures creation through love—not for love, but through love.

As you ascend into more conscious choice with the subtle realm, you will learn to discern when life is showing you it is merging with your conscious choice of action.

It is your conscious choice that creates a stronger foundation of love in your life.

You clarify your inner realm so that the unconscious information, the totality of what is available to you, connects consciously with you.

As you clarify your inner realm, the unconscious information that is opposite from your conscious desires is transformed.

The fears no longer hold unconscious sway over you.

The resentments, anger, blame, and guilt do not block you from your inherent creativity. It becomes transformed into a conscious understanding, a subtle bridge of connection.

Honor the sacred gift that you are to life.

Divine potential has always been within you.

Your conscious choice brings potential into form.

This is a time of powerful clarification for humanity.

It is with deep compassion that you create the future. You birth it constantly with your choice.

It is the strength of the compassionate ones that will define the future of love.

Nurture the self. You are a valuable aspect of Life—Life flows through you.

Nurture your compassion and appreciation within. Strengthen your clarity. Life will then begin to align more strongly with your intent.

Your unconscious vastness becomes visible as Life offers you itself to create.

As always, it is a profound opportunity to meet in your awareness.

Eeshah, Ehmah, Ehtah.

You are loved, you are received, Life is transformed because of you.



» Source » Channel: Jamye Price