The Council: Your Greatest Fear

ascended beingsOne of the recent questions that you have sent us requests that we discuss your greatest fear further.

“Yes I would like further information regarding this topic…. (XIII: Is it really possible to anchor the Godself within)

I assume one of the reasons we are so afraid to accept our own power and who [we] are is because accepting this also means accepting (and forgiving ourselves for) having created the state of the Earth (the “pain” and “dysfunction” as well), and taking responsibility for the fact that we ourselves put ourselves (back) here. (we choose to experience limitation and lack/separation) Would you like to comment more on this?”

You are correct in what you have stated, and there are other factors, as well. Let us discuss this further, as you have requested.

What would you need to ‘own’ if suddenly the doors were thrown open and you could not avoid knowing yourself as what you truly are? Could you forgive yourself for having done things, or having been party to things that are abhorrent to you? What if you have stolen, murdered, tortured another? What if you were the scourge of the earth in one lifetime? What if you took great pleasure in killing? What if the things you have done are far worse than we have mentioned? Worse in your current understanding, of course. You cannot forgive anyone who does these things now. How could you forgive yourself? Do you see the problem? Because, we promise every one of you that, in the thousands of lives that you have lived, you have done much that you do not forgive others for at this time.

So the solution is that you forgive. Forgive each and every other. Period. They do not know who they are any more than you do. And they are divine creations, just as you are. Forgive yourself. Everything that you have done, said, thought, or experienced has brought you to this moment. Forgive God, or whatever you call the Divine, for allowing you to create whatever you have created. When you damn another, when you damn yourselves, you damn divinity. And quite often, you blame Divinity. “How could God have done this?”

Forgiveness is not preferable. It is necessity. Because the only one damning anything is you.

Now… now that you are all forgiven and ready to accept your true self, are you ready for the fact that you are so extremely powerful that, in this new environment, every single thought that you have creates new realities? Do you really have that much control of your minds? Is that a scary proposition for you? Well, this is not something that will happen when you reach a certain magical level and have this power conferred upon you. This is simply reality. Now. Has always been. You are manifesters.

Every thought that you have begins to manifest into form when you have it. New possibilities begin to congeal around it as needed. Infinite possibilities. This is what starts them. Do you continue to think those thoughts? Is there power of emotion and feeling attached to them? Or do you ‘cancel’ them through intention or neglect? You can see that the illusion of time and the inertia of the material are actually blessings in disguise. They save you a lot of grief. “Oh, drop dead!” “Oh, there she is again. I wish…..” You see, it is not just your fond wishes that create.

But the biggest problem, really, is that at this point you have not even reached the collective ability to throw off the centuries upon centuries of lies that you have accepted about yourselves. You suffer from monumental Stockholm Syndrome. Better what I know than what might be.

We are rambling. But this is our favorite topic. How do we urge, encourage, teach what needs to be accepted? This is as essential for us as it is for you.

There is no deadline. There is no hurry. But for you, the illusion of a short lifetime makes it seem so. Sorry, but there it is. You, my friends, are eternal. And at this time, the part of you that thinks you are Claire, or Fred, or Tamashiro is the only part of YOU that doesn’t know this. And that is good. It is motivation.

Enough for this day. Thank you for inviting this discussion.

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