GESARA; The Hands of God

154059659211780217Paradigm change fair social engineering.

What change can we expect with GESARA and make a transition run smoothly to avoid Chaos and inflation. Who determines what we do and how we do it,……… WE SELF!!

1. Democracy of the future and how we will organise our lives and governance.

2. How are we going to do honest business with each other and reduce production costs?

3. Changing the learning system with a knowledge database for online study.

4. Health care for cure instead of generating profits for the pilldrivers.

5. Legislation, Sanctions for abuse and/or organised crime.

6. Umbrella body to replace the corrupt UN.

1/ DEMOCRATION, Dear people, we see that we live in a sham democracy, we may regularly vote for people we think will fulfil our wish and their promise, exactly as Donald J Trump does.

However, most countries of the world are manipulated by the incumbent to serve their own agenda that does not match our interests.

We see the voters’ fraud in the US, where stupid people of the Democrats have dug their own graves by the revelations that follow, making the elections invalid if the Republicans wanted it.

Whether we vote with ballots or electronically those in power will do everything to manipulate this to their advantage, certainly through false promises and propaganda via the MSM.

As an inventor with knowledge of data communication, I have a plan to make this universal for the entire world population.

The QFS that regulates our new money system works with a technique that cannot be hacked.

What would it make if we used this system to meet the following conditions and on a Referendum basis to manage our own local, national and world part government.

We can use existing technology that can be linked to the QFS.

A. Anyone can only vote if they are registered as eligible to vote.

B. By means of a personal access code to vote.

C. By an iris scanner that also uses light to see if the eye pupil changes when light enters.

This is only possible by living people who are authorized to vote.

D. In combination with his fingerprint.

E. Only then can he express his preference for themes he supports.

F. You can choose from any location in the world.

G. Results can be tracked online, through direct online counting.

H. Double fraud votes are no longer possible.

This will completely eliminate fraud, everyone will have to accept the result.

Where limited veto should be possible if it would harm regional interests.

This creates a work assignment for administrators who have to carry out the will of democracy, who have been appointed and can be replaced at any time if they are not satisfactory.

We learn lessons from the past, people who are not blessed with a high IQ and do not act out of idealism but put self-interest first and are corrupt, will never again be able to influence our lives to the detriment of others.

Sharing a voluntary cooperation with different worlds allows us to share knowledge and insights, while all of us keep our own freedom and cannot be forced to give up our own way of life and culture.

2/ BUSINESS, To make procurement and production fair, GESARA is a wonderful TOOL.

The money that is released makes companies abuse the system by pushing up prices and thus stimulating inflation and money devaluation, because we are used to it from the corrupt old FIAT Money system.

How can we organize it in such a way as to lay a fair foundation and remove risk from entrepreneurs, reduce costs, and enable a fair competitive position?

Costs for companies are, salary costs, purchasing materials, raw materials, external services, energy, and taxes, payroll tax, social security contributions etc.

New techniques will make energy free in the future, but in the transition phase we can do the following.

A. Energy consumption in the world will be 20% for individuals and 80% for companies and industry. Where the population had to pay the bill of 80% with extra CO2 taxes, and VAT.

B. We can eliminate this unfairness immediately by making companies pay 100% of the energy costs, which they pass on in their costs to the consumer.

C. The consumer then immediately gives free energy that will later be converted in a clean way to generate energy.

D. All employees but also employers get a net salary 25% higher if they have now, entrepreneurs in the middle class and small companies but also large companies have less costs for their products and services.

E. This income is paid by the GESARA funds, Purchasing of raw materials and services will then be a lot lower, which will increase the economy.

F. A VAT rate for income for the land administration of 15%, with exemption from VAT on food, water, and medicines.

G. Collectively buying food from the producer to prevent supermarkets from abusing the opportunity to raise prices due to increased prosperity.

If we all work together to turn these plans into reality, the paradigm change will be very rapid and smooth, many who now live in poverty can offer a good life perspective, making economic migration superfluous and all people who are now in other countries can return to their own countries to work with them for their own paradise.

3/ EDUCATION, The current learning system has been abused to program people and certainly not to let them think, to keep them stupid, but smart enough to work as slaves.

This must and can be done differently, the whole study and learning system must be organized differently in order to make progress as a human being and not to be guided by rules and laws when it comes to research.

We must be able to learn freely from the past and existing knowledge, but by studying ourselves we must reform the learning process by sharing knowledge and experiences with each other.

Many courses can be followed online, which makes study costs unnecessary for the theory part, where all other costs can also be paid by GESARA.

It does not mean that if we have unlimited money we have to abuse it and deal with it irresponsibly.

Money is always a means to reach the goal not the goal, the goal is to evolve free from worries and happily to a higher form of life with the corresponding civilization, now we still behave like animals, deceived by the rulers.

4/ HEALTH CARE, Here will come an unprecedented shift, it will be completely changed with the intention to heal people instead of suppressing symptoms.

Preventive health care will have a rapid rise, prevention is better than cure, where possible apply natural sublimates and treatments.

The money-conscious Big Pharma will have to adapt and there too costs will be lowered by reducing the proposed personnel and operating costs.

Also competition from other countries that are now banned will lapse, they must either want to or not have to offer a fair price or they will go under.

Med-Bed and Anti-Aging techniques will ensure that we can recover from the current most ailments.

Again, GESARA will pay all the additional costs, making health care free for every life on earth.

5/ LEGISLATION, To ensure all this, there will be legislation that all countries will have to abide by to punish sanctions, to eliminate abuse and crime.

Control through the new money system will immediately report accounts of violations and block accounts allowing a definitive exclusion and expropriation of the acquired wealth by crime.

As a result, drugs crime, paedophilia, human trafficking, violence, and money laundering will be equally punished by cartels.

6/ OVERKOEPELEND ORGANE, The world will be divided into different sectors to make this run smoothly, there will be a council of wise men coordinate how the desire of underlying democracies to share with other world parts can be aligned. In which interests of the underlying member sovereign countries can be safeguarded by VETO law.

The GESARA legislation can be adapted from this world council if this is necessary because times and insights can make this necessary.


It will be a yellow transition from the present individualism through survival to living together and learning from each other and thrive together for a better future of justice and prosperity for all of humanity.

What possibilities do we have if we can start using our entire DNA and full brain capacity, this exceeds any imagination.

With my idea of a better and new future, I hope to be an inspiration to others who want to carry this proposal and serve the whole of humanity.

Malicious hard-learning individuals face hard times if they want to spoil it for the rest of humanity by their sociopathic behaviour as is now common with the Deep State communists and Satanists.

There will only be one hell on earth, GITMO

Thanks That I may sharing this with you, free People of the World.

Kind Regards

Rinus Verhagen.



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