Zorra of Hollow Earth: When Fully In 5D

time to wake up eraoflightDear beloved Gods and Goddesses,

It’s that time of year once again when many are very busy with the holidays. Certainly, most feel that time just flew by so quickly and one asks oneself, “where did the time go”?

Perhaps you have already left the “time” element behind and have focused more now on the events that have come and gone and looking to what’s ahead? Perhaps you are finally realizing and seeing that time is just an illusion.

And what about “space”? Have you come to the deeper understanding that, it, too is pure illusion?

The mystery of illusion is amazing. Just like the Magician who can make things disappear and reappear! Puzzling and you want to know how that is done? So what’s the point you say?

When you are fully in 5D (Awakened and Enlightened) the veil of illusion completely disappears. Once completely uncovered, is Pure perfection, Love and Happiness and Bliss that never ends even as you continue in this 3-4D-lower5D reality. Fifth Dimension and above is your true Reality and that has always been a part of You since your birth from Source. Then you ask, “when will I get to this full Realization and Understanding”?

Well, what’s wonderful for you to know, is that you are coming more and more to the full recognition plus understanding of the illusion you are in. WE congratulate you!

Whether you know it or not, “you are In like Flint and you can count the Sign Posts to your final destination of full Awakening and Enlightenment”! How is that, you ask?

It is because it has been Divinely ordained by Prime Creator and Source since you decided to reincarnate here and your memory was removed while on beloved Terra Christa!

So be in joy and play your part the best you can and Be the best that You Are in every way. Always Remember and try (no, don’t try), Do live and Know that “we” are ONE in Every Way as well!

You are and have always been True Gods and Goddesses, Creators of many worlds, galaxies and universes etc.

In your heartmind, when you Know these Truths To Be your Reality and are living in the Pure Infinite State of Love that You (WE) are, then there will no longer be a need for questions!

You will be able to move forward to assist so many others Awaken and be able to e-create Terra Christa in the greater understand of what is to be completed for Full Ascension!

You are Awakening beautifully! Be fully Alive and Enjoy this Moment in your existence because you KNOW!

LOVE is All there IS, This is YOU (WE). THANK YOU!

“Zorra Call”

Nov 17, 2018

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12:00 PM Eastern

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» Source » Channel: Billie Faye Woodard