The Council: Who We All Really Are

ascended beings“Once an enLIGHTened HUman has had the experience of Cosmic Consciousness, and (Self)Realized Who We All Really ARE — but still has bills to pay, children to raise, work to do, etc. — how can that person best stay sufficiently ‘grounded’ to deal with all the daily ‘stuff’ to fulfill his/her chosen obligations and responsibilities while also not denying One’s multidimensional existence and Perspective?

There is an interesting description of this in your Eastern philosophies. It is said “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.” Perhaps a little explanation of this will be of service.

Once again, when we reference the pronoun ‘you’ in this discourse, please understand that we mean the collective of Earth humanity. Also understand that there growing numbers of you for whom this discussion is remedial.

You attempt to make intellectual sense of an experience that has been postulated but of which you have nothing in your intellect to construct an understanding with. In, other words, you cannot paint a picture of an entirely new experience by using the paints that are mixed in the past.

Firstly, you approach everything carrying your concepts of what is ‘only’ possible, and these are incorrect. You still understand everything in dualities, also incorrect.

A further problem is that we must use linear thought and language to try and explain, and we must also limit the ‘time’ and ‘space’ that we use to do so. But let us have a go, as you say.

Let us begin by telling you that you are not on the path of becoming something that you are not. “But I want to ascend! I want to be enlightened!” My friends, you have an idea, or rather bushels of ideas, of what that would be like, none of which are anything but desires that you have projected from your past understandings into the future. There is a part, emphasize part, of you that chops wood and carries water. This is a part of the you that is divine, is multi-dimensional, that has knowledge, abilities, etc. that the wood chopper knows nothing of. That does not demean the wood chopper and it does not make the parts of you that exist in other frequencies into divine, spiritual, god-like beings.

You are already all of these things. Consider all of the texts that describe the moment of ‘enlightenment’ by saying “And the Buddha laughed.” He laughed because he knew that he had been ‘it’ all along. And then he chopped wood and carried water.

Now, this may seem as if we are shifting course, but we are really going to give you a short description of what is happening. We hope you will either understand it or set it aside for further consideration.

You are an entirety of consciousness that exists everywhen and everywhere. You call it multi-dimensional. That is alright. But please try to stop thinking of these things as being separate from each other. There is no fence separating do from re or la from so. There is no fence between blue and purple.

There is a continuum of energy, of frequency, of sound and light if you wish, that is what you are. The frequency of sound, of energy, that makes up the embodiment that you think of as ‘what I am’ is rising. As an aside, your ‘what I am’ is an extremely limited viewpoint. As your frequency rises, your ability to hold energy in your embodiment and in your mind rises, as well. So, did you change, really? Or did you become more aware? Actually, both answers are yes, but try to understand the point we are making. You are only learning more of what you already are and have always been.

You will also come to see that the same is true for everyone you meet. Only the degree of knowing may be different. But higher frequencies will always entrain lower to some extent. In other words, you lift each other as much as the other will allow. Free will is also what you are. Nobody can or will force anyone to ascend.

So now, here you are, all ascended. You have a lot of the understanding and abilities that you put such high expectations on. And there are the dinner dishes. Do you see? Chop your wood. Carry your water. Wash the dishes. But now… yes, now… do it as the entire divine being that you did not know you were yesterday.

That is what you are living through. You do not have to. You may do it later. But everyone who is where you are has the choice to do it now if they wish.

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss this.
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