Hostess of Light: 11:11 Will Echo Thru Time

gods lightAs always this 11:11 was magical and issued decrees and teachings that pushed one past their cosmic comfort zone. Every year I go to Florida to continue the 11:11 Star-gate and always it is a magical initiating teaching journey, this year was no exception. The display of truths that escorted us from the mountains to the ocean were large of presence creating a dance of light and shadow. Like a mountain that seeks to splash about in the ocean, all signs were large and seemingly out of place and time. I was truly in awe of the universal display, and felt humbled and graced.

11:11 is always heart to heart , one light exchange after another. During 11:11 everyone is your brother and your mirror and the teachings for many are too harsh and do leave soul scars. Like one sitting in an emotional Amphitheatre everything is amplified to the Nth degree. Trust me all of us got many a penetrating message that is still ringing in our heads and hearts.

Like the hunchback of Notre Dame this 11:11 will echo thru time.

The love and pure light I saw within in the eyes of those I knew for over 25 years or those I just met this life time was enormous and palpable of purpose. They reflected my good bad and no so pretty as well as some darn good Florida memories! I loved every minute of it.  All I could do is immerse myself in that pool of love and solid dedication to the Light. I wanted to just become one with this human city of light display.

So many hearts displayed thru the bright light of 11:11 that rainbows could be seen throughout the cosmos. As the 11:11 energy increased in direction and power many sat camouflaged in their past emotions, wrapped around them like an invisible Harry Potter scarf.  Even though their personal dilemmas were resolved by divine intervention, they continued to mourn for what was or what could have been, kicking the present to the curb.

Many chose to hold onto life a little tighter, a little longer and with more resolve as they found their healing mirrors within the reflection of the hearts of 11:11. Many scaled mountains of self with a new determination and a purer heart. All wore their red badge of courage that pulsed within the beat of their very beautiful human heart. This 11:11 warmed the cockles of the hearts of many and will continue to do so from a higher position of light until January 11, 2019 a powerful Eclipse day..

A great love was released hovering above all that sat within the wingspan of 11:11, showing them a divine hope still lived within the human heart. Many that celebrate the 11:11 are long of tooth and white of hair. They appreciate every day on earth, knowing it is truly a gift. They know they will usher out an era when the time is to come and are completely comfortable in who they are and who they once were focusing only on the everlasting ageless timeless being of light within.

11:11 is a powerful cellular memory, what we do with that precious DNA elixir is up to each and every one of us. When you walk down the hallway of self, every one you meet is part of the bigger picture of you.  Each holds a consecrated piece of your light. Every encounter is a teaching and learning, simultaneously. Everything serves the light. when I enter the 11:11 gateway I do it with an open  mind, heart and energy, I love every minute of it  from driving on I-95 to watching the stars dance and display powerful truths over the ocean. 11:11 is a gift from the universe, powerful chance to use your words and energies for good, not evil! Bless your life and all that are housed within the partitions of your creation. This powerful energy invites each of us to have a sit down with self at the round table of soul and embrace the codes of valor once again.



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