Saint Germain: Wakeup Call

saint germain eraoflightThere is something coming that is going to wipe clean all of what is being projected for all of the planet. When that happens then you will see why this is taking place and what it is going to tell you what the next steps will be to the release of the boundaries that have been in place for so long. Go now to your own inner self and ask what the next steps are for you and it will begin the new process of clearing out what has been in place for so long that has kept you all in the boundaries of placement that keep you from releasing all of the dirt that has clouded over the truth for you. It is a matter of being in the moment and seeing it for what it is, then moving forward, for in that journey of truth is the answer for every question that you have.

I will give you one more piece of news and it is that there is coming an outbreak of action that will give you all the idea that what I have told you is where you must go in order to be able to see what the truth is, and how you can move in the right direction for the freedom of being who you are and creating your world in a way that resonates with all of those who are in the same mind/heartset. I feel now that this is what you will be receiving in order to be feeling the newness of your place in life and what you are to be doing in order to live and share it with others.

As for the outcome of what you will be experiencing, shall we just take a break from all of the stuff that is taking place around the world that is coming forth as what has been keeping you in the darkened state of news that has been keeping you in the past of what the truth is. It is a time now for all of you to begin opening up to what your own inner self tells you, rather than all of the news that has been coming forth and still giving you less than the truth. It is a matter of it all coming out in strings and pieces of what is actually taking place, so as you see and hear what is being revealed realize that there is more to what is being told than what you see at the moment.

Some feel that to let you know all of the truth would be overwhelming, and that could be true for some of the people who have not believed what is being told on the levels of the underground news. It is a matter of those who have been listening to other sources of what they call the truth, to be able to see that there is more than what they are being told. That is what the truth is, and that is what they have been told is the wonder of the planet and the truth of the universe. We will all see what the real truth is, and how it has been hidden from so many for so long. There will come the time when it will all make sense, and it will come to so many who are now being kept in the dark news for various reasons. This will all come to a change, and the truth will be right in front of us all and will be a welcome of the open door to our new way of life in the truth of what is before us.

I am St. Germain, and I go now, as I see that some of you are already changing your thoughts and are allowing the truth to set you free.

Love to you dear St. Germain,
Nancy Tate.


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