Globalists EU Swamp

eraoflight alternative newsGlobalists are in Panic.

Heavily disturbed criminals demand from the population that they give up their right to self-determination. Governments must give up their sovereignty to give the EU dictatorship the chance to make Europe a third world country.

The goal is to massacre its own population through migration grabs.

You and I must be silenced to save the collapsing NWO.

Populism / Nationalism is used as a negative expression, to want to destroy one’s own culture and to completely expropriate one’s right to exist and accumulated rights, with Satanism (Islam) as the barbaric world religion.

Their tool is Climate Change, Sustainability, Greening, and Migration from 3rd world countries to destroy our accumulated wealth and social system, for which we have all paid ourselves and been heavily fought for over the past 80 years.

All attacks by Chemtrails, Haarp, 4G, 5G, smart meter, Direct Energy Weapon, are used to stop the demise of the CABAL and destroy Europe.

If only a small problem, the 500,000,000 inhabitants of Europe will not accept this.

The cry for a European army, to protect the Globalists, where soldiers from other Member States must put down insurrections against The EU Fascists.

All this ends with a wet fart when GESARA is proclaimed, then all the accounts of the traitors of the European population will no longer have access to bank accounts.

The traitors do not realise that they have dig their own graves, no one can take another’s sovereignty away by order of an artificial entity such as the EU or corrupt national dictatorship under the name of sham democracy.

Donald J Trump cannot wait and see whether European Cabal will stop with its proposed Agenda.

Then, in the shortest possible time, the US would once again be ruled by a shadow government, and that will be ruled out.

The Globalist Cancer will have to be completely cut out, and we, as a population, should not walk in the footsteps of the US, Russian and Chinese army in order to prevent victims among the population.

Today, 23 November 2018 will be a memorable day if indeed the whole stock market will collapse deceptions.

We are already seeing a shift in power relations in the Middle East, Africa, South America, Brazil, Asia, and European countries that grabs the Migration are not going to sign, the division and fear among the globalists is increasing day by day.

Kind Regards

Rinus Verhagen.


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