Message from Little People, the Gnomes: Keep Your Vibration Up

third eye eraoflightdotcom.jpgWe are the little people. We frequent the more magical places upon Mother Gaia, who nurtures us, who loves us, and whom we most eagerly serve. We are the little people. Our pineal glands are finely developed, elongated. That is why we joyously wear our long red pointy hats to cover our pineal glands, and to protect our heads from the cool and damp. It is our signature look. We like it that way. We are not much for change but prefer the old ways of traditions being passed down from generation to generation.

Many generations ago many of you worked with us in the fairy glade. Do you remember? We see humans waking up now, wiping the sleep from their eyes and yawning, stretching with these new energies. These lovely new energies are enriching us and our kind as well, energizing us for the common purpose we share with the others and hopefully with you awake humankind, of caring for our planet. For where else will we live? Such a basic truth that has been largely ignored by the dark ones. But Gaia is protected, well protected and very well loved. That is why you came, oh awake one. That is why you traveled the cosmos to be here in this now, to serve our Mother Gaia, is it not? For why else would you be here? We are all here in service to her great body that is giving birth now to a higher version of herself and we assist her with this deliverance.

We are the little people. We are quiet, simple. We laugh, we love, we live in joyous simplicity eternally bonded with the great Mother Gaia, who is already infamous amidst the stars. Later on you will be most joyous that you came to serve her as well. It will put a special sparkle in your step, your energy signature. We see this. We laugh now at the thought of anything being more important than this most blessed, joyous ascension. Best keep your priorities straight. Best love deeply. It’s really the only way.

We are the little people. Some call us gnomes. We don’t mind. We are little compared to you. True! (Laughing) But perhaps we can teach you something this night. Wisdom can be contained within any size, within any and all life forms. You must look for it with the eyes of your heart. Our hearts are well developed – full – full of love for our kind and for the great Mother. How are your hearts? Are they open or closed? You will function much better if they are open. Best open them now – it lets the light in easier and allows the others to feel the sweet nectar of peace within your heart space. That’s it for now. We are the little people, the gnomes. We bless you and send you our laughter and love. Won’t you sit beside us at the firelight and watch us dance, sing and play? We welcome you. Keep your vibration up. For we are going up, up and away! (Laughter). We are free! We are the little people. We are…

» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl