Energy Update 11/24/2018: Huge Wave has Arrived and We all are Going to Feel it

wishing stars eraoflightdotcomWe have a huge wave coming in right now. I can hear energy all the time now. It has been at a low constant hum all day. About a half hour ago (9:30pm EST), I heard it increase substantially. It is now a high pitched frequency that is the highest I have heard since I started hearing last weekend. This isn’t in an ear. This is my whole head ringing. It went from the middle to the right side of my head and is staying there right now. It was going to the pituitary gland causing drainage from sinuses that can make the throat sore and scratchy. You could also have a headache, feel sore on your shoulders and upper back, and even pressure from the energy. You can also get very hot from the energy.

This energy the collective will be feeling too. If you can see energy, you may see pinkish purple misty energy. Some lightworkers may have noticed an increase in attacks today. The dark energy rushing to be transmuted before this wave hit. I worked tonight and started to feel it but didn’t hear the increase until I got home. Thank God I got off work early before this wave came in. I think a lot of people are staying at home as we weren’t busy for a Saturday night. I have no set time to get off my shift. I just get to leave when it is slow.

There were also about 4 large earthquakes today around the world 5.0 or above. I was warned about this yesterday. There were 91 other earthquakes that were below 5.0.

If your body and muscles are sore this energy may be why. Just take care of yourself. Eat what you want and as much as you want, IF it is healthy food. You really want to stay away from alcohol, junk food, and fast food, as these things can make you feel worse. Your body will warn you what is and isn’t good for you by how you feel after you consume it. I got sick from some bad orange juice today. Nobody else did but me and I think that is my body warning me about something not good for it.

You pretty much should give up alcohol after physical kundalini. It will make you physically sick and opens up your energy. Alcohol is poison to the lightbody if consumed too much. If you drink too much you also let your guard down and your energy open. This can bring on physic attacks as it is easier to attack you. I have heard from people being forced into withdrawal from alcohol and drugs, from this process. I am sure that is not a pleasant experience but it is necessary.

If you take care of your lightbody. You will be rewarded with looking and feeling younger, better skin, hair, and nails and I think a longer life. I am thinking menopause for ladies might not be happening at all or until much later than usual. Women can also notice heavier more frequent cycles. Mine went to every new moon and full moon, so twice a month. We are becoming more and more connected to the planets and the moon. We are going from planetary to universal to galactic consciousness and that means energy too. Eventually, we will only have 3 chakras, which are really gates. The Gaia Gate will be located at the root chakra, the etheric heart at the heart chakra, and the steller gate at the crown chakra, one continuous column of energy connecting them. This will be from the astral/ spiritual body upgrades, that you go through last.

The energy has died down and now picking up again. I am also super hot, burning up hot. A sore throat and alternating between stuffy and runny nose. Just take care of yourself. Eat healthily and drink a lot of water. If you have recently put on a few pounds this is water weight. Lightworkers carry extra water to transmute energies. I have gained and lost the same 10- 15 lbs repeatedly through this journey. You will lose the water weight easily. My skin has gotten darker, my hair thicker and longer, and my eyes are getting greener. This journey changes everything inside and out, and it is a wild ride.

Lots of Love and Light.


My name is Dawn Bailey. I am a lightworker, shaman, clairaudient and clairvoyant energy healer. Please visit my blog at