The Council: The All-Powerful Soul/God

council of light eraoflightdotcom.jpg“How exactly it is possible to make an all-powerful soul/God forget their true nature/memories while getting them embedded in time/space/physicality?”

Dear friend, you are allowing yourself to consider the self that you are experiencing to be the entire Self that you are. We will go back to the point where YOU created you in order to have this experience. Please suspend, if just temporarily, your doubts, and allow your imagination to follow this. Even if you can merely accept the possibility, it will clear up many seemingly unanswerable questions for you.

For the readers: In this message, when we use ‘YOU’, we mean your entire divine self. And when we use ‘you’, we mean the part of that, that you now interpret as the whole. As an aside, this does not apply to a growing number of you who have expanded into a wider understanding.

Now at some point, the YOU of which you are a part began to assemble aspects of himself/herself that seemed to best be able to handle a needed experience of learning, or teaching, or service, or any mixture of the three. Having accrued a great many lifetime experiences to choose from, the YOU has a vast number of attributes from which to choose.

Now these are aspects that you would have complete access to IF you had expanded your consciousness to accept that you are, in reality, YOU. Why? Because they are your experiences. “But I want to know them!” you say. Well, maybe that is so, but the vast majority have no real relevance to your current life. If they did, YOU would have sent them here with you. And your current self has quite enough to deal with, thank you very much.

And there, my friends is the answer to your question. YOU have not forgotten anything. But YOU have done yourself the favor of only giving you what you need at this time. Yes, you may object. But you very likely haven’t expanded enough yet to see around all of the corners and over all of the hills. YOU, however, can and does. And when you truly have a need, it will be met, usually in a far better way than you can imagine.

So, can we offer some advice? First, accept that your divine YOU exists. Accept that you are NOT separate from YOU. Know that you are a part of YOU. Know that YOU have only the deepest love and greatest intentions for you. YOU have no reason to cause you suffering. But YOU will do whatever may be done to keep you on the path chosen. There are others, you call them guides, that have similar purposes. Can you trust? Can you accept? Can you know?

Ponder these things. It is even acceptable to ‘try them on’. See if things change when you live with them for a bit. Talk with us. You talk. We hear. See the answers. As you learn to see them, they will seem to multiply. The fact is, they are there already, but your sensing of them will increase.

This is a much greater topic than the space we have given it today. But we trust a beginning has been made.

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