Another 11:11:11

numbers universe eraoflightdotcom.jpgDear Friends,

Tomorrow, November 29th is the second 11.11.11 day of this month! An 11.11.11 Portal is a rare occurrence, so to experience this phenomenon twice in the one month, surely has to be of great import. It is a call for us to focus on our place within the Cosmos, and our connection to the realms ‘beyond the veil’. I thought it worth drawing your attention to the event, by sending you, once again, my thoughts on the metaphysical significance of the 11.11.11 Gateway…

11 is a Master number. The double 1’s standing side by side, visually and symbolically, represent two pillars in perfect balance – the perfect balance of yin/yang, dark/light, male/female. When multiples of Master Numbers occur, it’s believed that a pathway to the higher dimensions is opened, affording us an opportunity for exponential transformation. Through this doorway, Crystalline Light codes and energetic upgrades flow through, carrying the power to spontaneously raise our vibrational frequency and bring us into more direct connection with Source. The Master No 11 can particularly assist with the expansion or our psychic abilities and reclaiming of our soul’s essence.

The upcoming 11.11.11 Gateway can assist us in our quest of becoming ‘masters’ of our own destiny. By harnessing its energy, and consciously asking for the upgrading of our cellular structure, the rewiring of our 12-strand DNA, and the activation of the hidden gifts that lie dormant within our soul, we may be granted the opportunity to make the long awaited, evolutionary leap beyond the limitations of the current human experience.

I feel this rare 11.11.11 portal may indeed hold the promise of rapid growth and transformation. For the last couple of months, multiple times daily, I’ve been reminded of the imminent arrival of this Master energy. Every time I look at the clock, or send or receive an significant email or phone call, it seems to be 11.11, 11.22, 11.44 or multiples of other Master numbers like 2.22, 3.33 or 4.44!! It’s as if I’m being constantly primed, and reminded that the veil between dimensions really is very thin, and that we’re already living inside this cosmic gateway!

So together, let’s seize the opportunity of this rare and powerful 11.11.11 Cosmic Portal to unite our energies as ‘One’ across the globe. Let’s consciously use the 11.11.11 energy as an alchemical vessel for our prayers, as we ask for the spontaneous upgrading of human consciousness, and the reactivation of the hidden wisdom stored within the cells of the ‘Living Library’ that is our body.


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