Heavenletters: Your Heart of Gold

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomGod said:

Beloved, We love. I am love. You are love. Why isn’t this always widely accepted in the world? I would love to see more given in love and less inquisition into love. It seems to Me that there is a lot of shying away from love, hesitation about love, a lot of wondering whether you really have ever been loved or ever given love, as if perhaps all you’ve been doing is hanging around the edges of love yet not yourself ever fully giving yourself as one who is ever fully loving except here or there.

You have given better examples of love than you claim to.

Perhaps you have seen those to whom love is a natural event. As for you, love in the world hasn’t exactly portrayed itself like a duck taking to water.

Loving doesn’t seem to be automatic for you. For you, love has been a weight that you have not yet quite fulfilled, at least the way love is often revealed to you in books.

You wonder if you have a tendency to skirt around love, that love is more a token to you than love itself. You would love to abound in nice, easy, quiet peaceful love.

In fact, love seems to have been more of a burden to you that you try to keep up with.

As a matter of fact, the only love that has been opportune for you may have come to be your love for Me. Well, this isn’t anything to complain about, the grace of God. You are not anonymous to me, Beloved, Beloved, Beloved.

You must grasp that love is not a finite thing. You don’t have to question love so much. Stop asking yourself so many questions about the love in your heart. You can say honestly that you feel a great deal of compassion for everyone alive, well, except for yourself sometimes perhaps.

You may feel you have to whip yourself into shape before you can love or be loved.

You have been disappointed in love, as if true love hasn’t been reserved for you.

The individual love you have been bound to in the world hasn’t exactly been holy.

It is My love you have been seeking to and fro. You didn’t have a name for it. Consciously, you thought that love in the world is sometime when you can get there. We are already here more than you know. Our One love is It. You have seen that for some others as well, it has been perilous to love in the world.

What were you doing here in the world, feeling that you don’t exactly belong in the world, yet rather that you are out of it, not in sync with it, that the word love is not a song you know how to sing.

I am for you. As it is, you may have kept Our Ideal love hidden from yourself when the giving of love is to preoccupy you. You are consumed in love to the degree that you don’t exactly see the very gist of your life. You don’t know how to clap your hands for yourself.

Beloved, you are held in the arms of love. Perhaps the cherry tree doesn’t notice its own blossoms. Then the cherry tree isn’t looking in the right place. The cherry tree may look at other cherry trees and see their blossoming and not its own.

Dear, why be so investigative? Why so much comparison? Well, oh, yes, this is the way of the world.

Come closer to Me where you can see yourself close up as I see you.

Where is Heaven? Why, you are Heaven. You are your glimpse of it.

Let’s quiet your mind, your inquisitive mind that hacks away at your Heart of Gold.


» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff