The Elohim: We Are…

galaxy eraoflightdotcomWe Elohim are. We are light from the original breath of Creator. We are full Source embodied, or floating free in most cases. We are light of the highest order, luminous, free. We are strong, mighty. We ride the waves of the light across vast time space continuums, creating worlds with our thoughts, our intentions, our love. Many of you are an expression of us. For we felt it supremely important to be assisting dear Gaia when the shift of the ages occurs. And so we are here now, watching, assisting, listening. Many of us chose to have the experience of human form while embodied upon Mother Gaia in this brief moment of translucent unprecedented change. We are the changers. We are the formers. We are the builders. We are the light carriers. Many of us are you.

We form light and create vast creations, worlds from it. We intend with love, only the pure love and light of Creator. We oversee creations with firm intention that only love and blessings are within the recipes. Sometimes the dark ones interfere, which we allow within the free will universe. In other cases, other places this cannot be allowed and they are eliminated, recycled with love and peace. But you, oh human reading these words, you are an integral player, a part of this unprecedented change. We extend our wings up spread allowing the light from our beings to fully permeate your doubts that such can be the case.

Nebulas form, spin. We spin them with the intention, wielding the breath of the Creator when asked. We are ancient, beyond your current understandings of time place. Travel means nothing to us. We are. We exist where we are called to be, when we are called to be there. We serve with open joyous fulfillment of our promise to the great Mother, the Creator, the Source of all things. We serve the light. We are the light. Just as you human reading these words are an embodiment of the light, your higher light of your higher self who bravely chose to dive down into this dark swirling realm and experience the shift of the ages. Light shatters the darkness. There is no other way. Only thus can creation be expected to move forward, the light always claims the darkness. But the darkness provides a valuable tool of experience from which the Source may continually ever expand. But perimeters – guidelines of the game have been obfuscated, broken and this game is over now per the Mother’s will, whom we serve.

Children, much is expected of you, and you have exceeded our expectations. We are thrilled and delighted with your vast accomplishments of light work. True, much more will be required, but you will not be without help. Yeah, even now and throughout the time of this quadrant, we have been monitoring, assisting, aiding, healing, wielding the light in such a way that the Mother’s wishes of triumph would succeed with grace and ease. And it has. Trust not the illusions that are presented to you in your twisted media. They are falsehoods designed to sell news and fear. Rather, we encourage and entreat you to trust the light, the truth within you. Then and only then will you understand the vastness of the illusion that you have been witness to over these many millinea.

The light has won, for it never lost. All was illusion of lack, greed and pain. The Mother is reclaiming her own, just as your higher selves in a way are reclaiming you back unto themselves, unto the fold of light. And so we encourage you to rest, to heal, to work, to strive, simultaneously embracing your light, your inner power, and claiming your triumph over that which seems to ail you. Be the victors that you already area and have been.

We Elohim see with all eyes, all truth. We know you. We love you. We see your inner woundings. Won’t you allow us to send our healing rays of pure Source light into your heart space and allow further expansion? For expansion is what is sorely needed in your Now, this Now of intra and extra-planatery evolvement. The dichotomy rends no more. The light has won. Feel this truth and claim it and pull it towards your reality for you are creators and we caution you with what intentions you are creating. Intent with clarity, with purpose, with joy and expectation – that is how it is best done. Infuse all intentions with love for the greatest good of all. That is how it is done in the higher societies of light, which you are soon to be a part of as you are through this graduation phase of perceived turmoil. Do not trust outward perceptions but listen with your heart. Of course the old must pass away fully, completely before new structures may be firmly built. We Elohim see you clearly with all of our eyes fixed upon all probable outcomes. We see your victory, your glory, your just rewards, we see you, as we see ourselves clearly. All is Source interplaying with itself. Therefore we are related! All is light. And so we charge you lovingly and firmly to be this light, to ground this light and to fight with the weapon of love, of light, of truth. For love always wins. Love wins. That is perhaps our greatest message today. Be the love. Be the light. You are winning with both. And so be it. We are the Elohim.

» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl