December 2018 Energy Update; 12D Divine Template

galaxy eraoflightdotcom.jpgDivine Timing, Divine Flow

Divine Presence and Existence

Divine Sacred Union with/as the entire Universe/Cosmos

Each’s DEEP Sacred Connection, through purity, through simplicity, through pure peace…

In order for your Quantum LightBody (Plasma/Crystalline) Energy (which is the LIGHT OF YOUR SOUL), the LIGHT that transforms all back into PURE LOVE…. all that is not THIS goes through an immense TUNING PROCESS… that not only “never ends”, continues to amplify, continues to increase, continues to “take over” and dissolve all that used to be “your ego/separation/programs” held on a cellular/atomic/molecular level….

Returning all to DIVINE NATURAL ORGANIC ORDER…. returning all to the LEVEL OF PURITY necessary for NEW EARTH TO ACTUALLY EXIST, means that everything you hold, everything you are, everything you believe, experience and have…. must be fully aligned with this….

Returning all to YOUR PUREST EXISTENCES means that you must be able to EXIST from this place, this space of ZERO POINT… the “point” of all CREATION, the “point” of inception, the “point” of nothingness and be able to birth anew constantly and continually…. from deep inside of you.

Returning all to LOVE means that you cleanse, you clear, you resolve, you transform, transmute and dissolve all that is not PURE LOVE from within you…..

Returning all to DIVINE ORDER and DIVINE FLOW… means that this is where you function from within you…. so fully IN-TUNE that all is natural, simple, easy and fully aligned all of the “time”, which means your VIBRATIONAL EXISTENCE is always in tune in absolutely every way…..

Sounds like a huge task and undertaking, doesn’t it? Well it is… and it’s going on INSIDE OF YOU constantly…. so that you can “learn” to see and understand what DIVINE ALIGNMENT truly is and for you to DO YOUR PART by intentionally and consciously aligning all yourself…..

THIS IS WHAT YOUR PHYSICAL LIGHTBODY DOES… it constantly breaks down the old, constantly re-writes your entire reality, constantly reconstructs your reality for you…. it is LIGHT FREQUENCIES….. Cosmic/Universal/Symphonies that grow stronger every day… that tune tune tune…. constantly…..

TUNING PROCESSES for each’s LIGHTBODY take precedence over all that your human ego created/wants…. tuning processes put your body to sleep, wake it up and unify it with all…. shut your human down, gives you energy to function and also depletes when you’ve expended all of this LIGHT ENERGY… so it’s beyond important that you LEARN how your LIGHTBODY WORKS and FUNCTIONS…. so that you can “learn” how to manage (Master) your “new” realities …. which are not linear… they are Quantum…. as you are on a Galactic Soul Level….

Your carbon-based body functioned very differently than your UNIVERSAL/COSMIC LIGHTBODY does…. how it works…. so completely different than your old 3D/4D body was.

THESE ENERGIES that came through with the 11/11/11 Gateway are all about DIVINE ALIGNMENT…. in absolutely every way.

Divine LIGHT….. you BEcoming DIVINITY in the purest form…. which means for this to occur, your physical body and physical reality, literally… have to all be re-worked….. every cell, every carbon-based atom, every molecule and particle of who/what you “thought” you were, every particle (physical matter) changes vibratory rates…. constantly….. as these vibratory and oscillatory rates dictate everything….

Your “old” carbon-based human body…. how it “handles” this immense constant TUNING PROCESS is determined by many things… every belief you hold not fully in alignment from the absolute HIGHEST PLACE…. will “show up” in different ways, dependent on “how this needs to occur” to re-work/re-code/re-calibrate/re-configure all on/from a Quantum Level…. not a linear one.

Your “old” 3D and 4D bodies…. these can’t “walk” NEW EARTH…. the density, the vibration, the programs housed in your old bodies and held in place by your limited ego aspect…. these are what anchored you in the lower frequency bandwidths and versions of Old Earth…..

If you pay attention, you will notice your immune system and your nervous system constantly being reworked. You will notice “feeling” DENSITY, HEAVINESS OR LIGHT. You will notice, more and more, what is and isn’t fully vibrationally in resonance or aligned. You will notice when things are simple and easy and when your ego gets involved/complicates all….. and INTERRUPTS DIVINE FLOW…..

If you pay attention, you will notice how your FEELINGS are changing, your beliefs are changing, how what resonates is changing…. you will note YOU changing… on a DNA LEVEL… how your body is acting/re-acting differently …. how much you feel ENERGY more….. how much the ENERGY OF ALL “AFFECTS YOU”…. how much you can tolerate/not, what inspires you/uplifts you or “pulls you back” to the old…..

You will notice how things are different… if you truly step back, go silent and just OBSERVE…. you will REALIZE how nothing is the same as it “once was”…. and how all is EVOLVING NATURALLY AND ORGANICALLY…. and how disruptive your/others’ EGOs are…. (out of tune)…..

You will REALIZE how all is not linear anymore… how all is based on your FEELINGS and what your PHYSICAL LIGHTBODY NEEDS/WANTS….. different foods, more nature, more alone time, to be surrounded by that which FEEDS your spirit/soul/light (happiness/joy/peace/magic/love)…. and you will REALIZE WHAT DOES NOT….. which means that you have a decision to make in order to fully align all yourself….. and keep it aligned…. which is a huge part of the process of transitioning over from Old Earth to NEW….. it’s you CHOOSING TO ALIGN ALL and hold this DIVINE ALIGNMENT fully from inside… ♥

DIVINE ALIGNMENT…. a massive re-tuning process… a massive re-coding/re-calibration process that is not as “massive” once each has completed the initial passageways of fully waking up and ASCENDING THE BODY by descending as higher selves and MERGING AS ONE in that physical form you call your body…. which is your DIVINE SACRED VESSEL that holds your IMMENSE LIGHT as a Soul, as a Star BEing, as a Galactic here…..

Your human ego aspect does not fully respect…. takes things for-granted and functions from a place/space of “disconnect”. This harmonizing process occurs on a COSMIC LEVEL… which is much more powerful than your human ego is… in EVERY WAY…. these cosmic frequencies ARE YOU…. IN YOUR PUREST FORM…. which basically bring the CODES of all of your HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS EXISTENCES from all other spaces/time/places “HERE”… by way of LIGHT TRAVEL… if you will.

This LIGHT TRAVEL is beyond your human comprehension…. yet, through your highest states of consciousness…. it’s simple, easy and totally understood… By being totally IN-TUNE on a Quantum Level, you can actually observe/watch/see/feel the LIGHT CODES communicating and “traveling” across all perceptions of different dimensions, all the perceptions of all “other existences” from this SPACE right here. You can observe Quantum Light Codes all in a SIMULTANEOUS EXISTENCE working and re-writing and re-coding constantly…. You can OBSERVE the Galactic Codes being “transmitted and received” …… “from outer space” if you will (perception) and inside your PHYSICAL LIGHTBODY…. recoding all on a genetic/DNA LEVEL for you/us all… AS LOVE. ♥

These constant photonic plasma energies that increase 24/7 now, increase our DNA EVOLUTIONARY PROCESSES beyond anything we’ve experienced here thus far…. these 24/7 Light Upgrades continue to increase/intensify…. so continual integration and acclimation are KEY. If your physical body is not honored for what it’s telling you (screaming at the human ego aspect), then it will shut down and stop working… so it’s beyond IMPORTANT that you HONOR THESE PROCESSES that increase substantially now.

Your physical body will continually go through immense Evolutionary process that occurs in phases and processes… relative to where you currently function from… vibrationally, energetically and by way of density and light.

Density & Light Quotient & Vibratory/Oscillatory Rate = Dimensions Occupied & Experienced


Dependent on how easily your physical body processes these Cosmic Light Codes, will determine all. The immense “crystalline” process is how your body takes these LIGHT CODES and processes light with your physical form. These crystals are “formed” over many linear years/your whole existence here… this has been occurring all along, it’s not “new”, it’s just stronger/more powerful and more accelerated, because of the frequencies we are now always in…..


Every aspect of your Soul/OverSoul…. All of your Divine Aspects, all of your Galactic/StarBEing Aspects, all of your Elemental Aspects…. each one having different DNA Codes…. In order to EMBODY fully, your DNA is constantly re-writing itself and CHANGING…. your whole body must awaken through each CELL…. every PARTicle of you must REMEMBER and become fully conscious too. The DNA of your Christed Aspect, your God Particle, your LeMUrian, Your Atlantean, Your Egyptian, Your Arcturian, Your Venusian, Your Sirian, Your Pleiadian, Your Angelic/Celestial (a bazillion aspects, all with different frequencies/tonal chords/energies)…. all ENCODED in the LIGHT that activates 24/7 of every day. The ESSENCES of PURITY…. these “trigger” your own distortions to become visible….. these SHOW YOU what’s not fully aligned on the highest dimensional level… so that you can CHOOSE and consciously SHIFT your own vibration/energy…which determines which dimension/reality/version of Earth you experience/exist in/live in here…..

YOUR MULTI-DIMENSIONAL LIGHTBODY is very different than your old carbon-based human one was. It’s not going to feel like, or function like your 3D (even 4D) one….. Each dimension has a different LightBody phase…. so you will experience/feel what your human perceives as “weird” and “not you”. This is because it isn’t your human you, it’s your Ascended Aspects…. merging within you as your Consciousness Evolves into something “completely different”.

Your LIGHTBODY is a whole new experience within itself….. it will “require” things that your human dismisses, avoids and resists/makes excuses for…… As your INTELLIGENT CRYSTALLINE LIGHTBODY comes online, your human (ego) aspect dissolves.

Leaving “the old behind”: 

All that was of your previous states of consciousness, become your unconscious realities…. and the moment you realize this, your REALity inside changes, which means outside will shift/change too. For the human ego aspect, this brings fear “of the unknown”, because it can’t be “controlled”. For the in-tune ONE, the ONE that is ready for ‘new’ (higher dimensional realities), you’ll close out any karmic/unconscious timelines and open up for much higher dimensional/vibrational realities to come forth/through (materialize in your physical).


Your multi-dimensional higher aspect you…. has the CAPABILITY to work with infinite timelines on a Quantum Level…. this is what your completed LightBody Templates provide for you. This is what your Crystalline LightBody, your Ascended State provides…. this is what your “new access” allows…. your ability to SEE INFINITE TIMELINES and much higher dimensional realities…. in order for you to anchor/hold/create/integrate the codes for fully…. which is a very different WAY than your limited human ego aspect reality used to work/be…..

The fact that your new INNER-VISION gives you “new/advanced” capabilities is exciting and the possibilities are endless too! The beauty is that if a reality isn’t fully aligned, you can let it go (de-materialize) just as easily, because you are not attached to anything…. which means that new, much higher aligned realities (portals) can open up to “come through”.

You finally “GET IT”… and how your energy dictates, your openness dictates, your actions dictate and determine the physical reality here… You SEE through the StarGates of your UNIFIED HEART/MIND/BODY …. that as you complete each integration process, that your reality actually changes…. inside. Your “super powers” and “advanced capabilities” return…. and it’s SOOOOOO SIMPLE. You also see how important your vibration is and all that you allow contributes/affects your entire reality here.

YOU don’t live in a single, limited dimension anymore…. The MAGIC of MULTI-DIMENSIONALITY has occurred.

DECEMBER IS DIVINE TEMPLATES, DIVINE UNIONS and ALL THAT IS SACRED RETURNED…. The UNION of 12D Templates is a merging process that activates the 144 within all who accomplish this fully, with all of their bodies….

WHEN is vibrational. It’s not linear time, it’s LIGHT TRAVEL, so “when” is relative to LIGHT QUOTIENT/LIGHTBODY PHASES/LIGHT EMBODIMENT…. and the level of PURITY each functions from. When is as each is truly ready, fully embraces and decides, chooses, commits and surrenders fully to multi-dimensional evolution, which dissolves the entire unconscious Matrix program and template held within. WHEN is NOW, yet “how fast” will be determined by how much ego/matrix program each still holds within the whole body template….. and how “easily” each opens up to NEW EARTH FULLY as a WHOLE NEW REALITY that looks nothing like 3D/4D realities did…..

HOW FAST is how ever long it takes each to fully integrate and shift, fully open up and transcend the “old” fully from within…. The more resistance, the “longer” (and rougher) all takes/is.

All is relative to each’s mindsets/energy and whether this is a COOPERATIVE process, where the “unknown” is an accepted reality, until each gains the ability to see/function on a Quantum Level and Master the Physical as PURE SOURCE LIGHT here. It’s only “unknown” to the human ego aspect. It’s not only “known” and understood as your higher self, you’ve waited for this magnificence, “worked hard” for this…. it’s EXCITING, peaceful, easy, simple…. because it’s a VIBRATIONAL MATCH to your highest dimensional realities that you currently hold fully from inside and a vibrational RETURN to how you “show up” every moment of every “day” to fulfill your highest Soul Purposes/Galactic Missions/HUman Roles here….

PURE UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS…. lives an abundant and brilliant, vibrant, inner-connected, peaceful, kind, contributory, respectful and SIMPLE LIFE….. as each comes from this place inside, all Karma is automatically cleared/reversed…. because you are not playing in unconscious realities anymore…..

You come together in DIVINE SACRED UNION with all….. that is ready for this…. You can tell, as it’s all vibrational, energetic and visible. Yes, there is a huge synchronization process of aligning on an energetic level, yet you can tell what to INVEST your VALUABLE ENERGY in and what to allow to fall away….. (or move it out yourself, if you created/allowed a Karmic Timeline to come into play).

DIVINE SACRED UNION occurs within YOU… it’s a quiet, subtle, silent and profound UNION that words can’t explain. It’s beyond PURE and the amount of LOVE you have the capability to hold, share, transmit and unify is BEYOND too. Our PURE LOVE is very different than human ego love was…. which is misunderstood until each can experience/REMEMBER THIS LOVE fully from DEEP INSIDE too….. which is where we are at now…. for EACH TO REMEMBER PURE LOVE…. from deep within that SACRED SPACE… and to “learn” to HOLD THIS in every exchange and to not separate off (heart closes) to go unconscious ever again.

This PURE LOVE is how we RECOGNIZE each other here, as Angels and Star BEings, as Light BEings here. It’s READABLE, felt, visible through our ENERGY transmitted out (fields). It’s soft, kind and supportive and respectful and it doesn’t carry the distortions of the human ego/old matrix programs like “before”. We each can recognize our signatures and it’s a RE-UNION in the most fun and exciting ways….. and it’s how we come together to CREATE more together, because “we get it” and what WE INVEST is ourselves/all that we have/are…. what we share is all….. what we receive is a Quantum Vibrational Response….. to what we hold/share/offer/contribute/unite/are.

This 12D Body-Field Divine StarGate Template has been building/constructing/coming online for years (linearly), with a huge collective activation through Gaia, for this last June or July to initiate a template build that lays the foundation for all new, much higher dimensional realities here. It will also accelerate the “collapse” of the old, “faster and more powerful” than ever before. Every template completion moves the old out “faster”. This occurs INSIDE of each…. the outside is the reflection back, so that what is INSIDE is visible, as well as returning a DIMENSIONAL EXPERIENCE relative to each’s current level of consciousness each functions from (as well as clearing out massive akashes held on a cellular level until all karmic timelines have been cleared).

Your Evolving LightBody DNA, Christed/Crystalline/Cosmic/Universal/Divine Templates are constantly working to restructure REALities that are fully aligned on an OverSoul Level, which is where your Avatar You Functions from. This is where you ARE SOURCE of all, not just words… yet instead your presence and the ENERGY YOU HOLD AND TRANSMIT OUT… with your every breath… words are only necessary to communicate in order to DELIVER INFORMATION (Light Encodements) or for the human aspect can’t read/communicate energetically through full consciousness here. Words carry data, light intelligence… for they are energy too. They transmit the vibration of the current level of consciousness each functions from….. making all audible/visible by LIGHT BEINGS, that communicate/read the FIELD on a bio-electrical level (electromagnetically). Photonic Light increases this capability….. so each’s Photonic LightBody has this capability naturally….

YOUR NEW REALITIES are communicated through THE UNIFIED FIELD OF QUANTUM PHOTONIC CONSCIOUSNESS…. which is very different than your/all old earth realities were. By each tuning in fully through a Quantum State of Consciousness, each is able to self-disconnect from the old. This will allow each to SHIFT GRIDS/Gridding Systems easily… and align to the grids of NEW EARTH fully….. which increases the POWER OF NEW EARTH GRIDDING TEMPLATES…. because your whole body links up/syncs up fully. You shift with your whole body’s consciousness/ grid/template……

Now that more are bringing their whole body’s gridding systems online with Our Divine NEW Earth Universal & Cosmic Templates, more are fulfilling Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper duties/roles here, which SHIFTS the distribution of all. This REDISTRIBUTES everything in all new ways. How each receives, what each receives, when each receives….

As the old templates continue to go offline/dissolve, support for unconscious matrix realities diminishes as well. The human ego aspect will go to panic, fear and desperation, not understanding how all works now. Multi-Dimensional realities replace “one dimensional” ones…. ♥

This is a powerful phase/month/transition/integration period….. where we constantly go higher and higher and higher in frequency bandwidths…. where our multi-dimensional Physical LightBodies are constantly integrating and re-writing realities on a Quantum Level…. where sleep/wakes states are inter-changeable, where merging/blending and fluid flowing is continual, where all Conscious on multi-dimensional level are constantly anchoring, creating, uniting in a multitude of ways…..

It’s “time” to “clean house” again:

We go through this every huge up-shift, as we each move the old timelines out and welcome in the new. While this is “every moment”, the “bigger ones” occur with every huge gateway opening/completion phase/process…. and December is the ‘MOTHER’ of these….

So, are you ready? Really really really ready? Are you grabbing your new and anchoring it fully, from deep inside of you? Are you WIDE OPEN and holding your highest everything too? Remember, this is how we always do it! 🙂

More as we flow….. have a most exquisite Gateway/Passageway.

Immense love, gratitude, respect and kindness to/for all of us here. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼