End 2018 on a High Note; Clearing Out, Updating Your Energy

waves of light eraoflightdotcom.jpgAs we sit in the last days of the year, do you feel prepared for what’s coming in 2019? In this article I’ll outline a few ways you can feel prepared, and at the same time, update your personal energy to end 2018 on a high note.

Endings and Beginnings

As background, while we can never be truly prepared for future events still in the process of manifesting, we know from experience that how we end one month or cycle has a lot to do with how we start the next one.

This means that we want to use the next several weeks to clear out what’s no longer useful, heal unhealed wounds, and raise our frequency so we are vibrating at a higher level by year-end.

Doing this is no guarantee that January will be rosy or without challenge, but not doing this means that we take key unresolved issues into the new year.

Unresolved Issues

What are key unresolved issues? And how do you determine the most important ones to focus on now? The issues are personal to you. To prioritize the ones to pay attention to, consider these examples: (1) a relationship needing updating (2) personal empowerment and self-esteem themes (3) level of authenticity expressed (4) relationship between you and spirit – including your spiritual practice, trust in your intuition, and applying what you know spiritually to everyday life (5) level of clarity about personal goals and soul purpose (6) approach to work and the use of power in the workplace (7) ability to show up and actively engage in transforming society.

To hone in more on issues, consider what comes into your mind when you think about the year ending and where you are in your life. Contemplate what may be missing from your life, or what you sense could benefit from healing, when you respond to questions like the following.

What gives you joy? What gives you a sense of purpose? What connects you to others? Who is your support team? How much can you trust yourself, your partner, spirit?

Know Your Cycles, Energies

To raise your frequency higher by year-end, here are some tools to consider: (1) look at your astrology including transits to know what’s impacting you and what you benefit from looking at and healing (2) consider key triggers of sadness or upset that tend to arise in recent times; do spiritual practice including meditation and inner work that helps you uncover deeper reasons for unhappiness; then apply what you know about energy to lift your frequency; since deep personal issues can be easier for others to discern and address, work with a trusted practitioner for breakthroughs.

Other helpful tools for raising frequency include: (1) meditation (2) sound healing with crystal singing pyramids and crystal bowls (3) working with crystals (4) applying or diffusing essential oils (5) getting in touch with and expressing out loud your gratitude to someone specific (6) going into nature and becoming still, leaving your devices home or on airplane mode (7) finding something that makes you laugh, smile, or simply feel a sense of unbounded joy.

What to Avoid

I include this section because oftentimes we can cancel out the benefits of what’s described above by falling into habitual tendencies of negativity, gossip, or doom and gloom. Everyone does this sometimes. So don’t judge yourself. Simply be mindful and catch yourself when your mind goes to the “what ifs” and worrisome potentials for what’s coming next year.

Stay in the present. Work on yourself diligently.

It might sound boring to do so, and you may say to yourself: “When am I done? When can I relax and just be? Why do I need to constantly do inner work?”

The wise part of you knows the answer to all of these questions. The enlightened masters over time have shown us that we must remain committed to our inner work, our spiritual path, and to the monitoring of our own self-talk. When we think we’re “done,” the ego comes in with self-sabotage, often disguised in tricky ways.

Be wise. Trust in your ability to apply what you were born knowing on an inner level – that you are a divine being encoded for enlightenment. Keep that goal in your mind daily, applying what you have learned. As you do this, your bright light becomes your own beacon for going forward, and a beacon for countless others on the path.


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