Planet Earth About To Go Into A Major Upheaval?

freedom is truth seek yours eraoflightdotcomExperts Warn Of A Cataclysmic Flip Of Earth’s Magnetic Field As A “Mysterious Anomaly” Under The Continent Of Africa Causes It To Weaken. The Earth’s magnetic field is steadily getting weaker, and scientists are warning that it could soon flip. If that happens, it will be a cataclysmic event beyond anything that we have ever experienced before. Of course most people never even give much thought to the giant magnetic field that surrounds our planet, but without it modern society would simply not be possible.

The magnetic field provides protection for the electrical grid which powers our homes, our businesses, our hospitals, our stores, our banks, our computers and our televisions. It is essentially an enormous “force field” that protects our world from solar storms and cosmic radiation. Right now we take that protection for granted, but scientists tell us that Earth’s magnetic field has flipped before, and that it could soon happen again.

And when it does happen, we are being told that it “could have potentially disastrous results for life on Earth”…

We’ve known for more than a century that our planet’s magnetic field has been weakening at a rate of about five per cent a century, prompting concerns that the Earth’s magnetic poles could soon flip — an event that could have potentially disastrous results for life on Earth.

Unfortunately, this sort of event could happen a whole lot sooner than many had anticipated. At this moment, there is a gigantic “anomaly” directly under the continent of Africa that has scientists extremely concerned…

The region that concerns scientists the most at the moment is called the South Atlantic Anomaly – a huge expanse of the field stretching from Chile to Zimbabwe. The field is so weak within the anomaly that it’s hazardous for Earth’s satellites to enter it, because the additional radiation it’s letting through could disrupt their electronics.

“We’ve known for quite some time that the magnetic field has been changing, but we didn’t really know if this was unusual for this region on a longer timescale, or whether it was normal,” physicist Vincent Hare from the University of Rochester in New York said in February this year.

I was amazed when I read that.

If the magnetic field is so weak in that region that it is dangerous for Earth’s satellites to fly over it, then what is all of that additional solar radiation doing to the people that actually live in all of those countries?

According to the experts, the “anomaly” is made up of “a vast reservoir of dense rock”…

The current weakening in Earth’s magnetic field – which has been taking place for the last 160 years or so – is thought to be caused by a vast reservoir of dense rock called the African Large Low Shear Velocity Province, which sits about 2,900 kilometres (1,800 miles) below the African continent.

Or at least that is what they think, because the truth is that nobody has ever been 1,800 miles below the surface of the Earth to take a look.

In any event, everyone agrees that the Earth’s magnetic field continues to weaken, and that a flip is inevitable at some point.

If a rapid magnetic field flip were to happen in the near future, scientists tell us that electronic devices all over the globe would be fried and that “trillions of dollars in damage” would be caused…

According to a team of international scientists, including from the Australian National University (ANU), such an event in the future would increase our planet’s exposure to the Sun’s radiation, and could cause trillions of dollars in damage by decimating power and communications systems across the globe.

Already, we are seeing major Earth changes happen all over the globe, and this is a major theme in my work. Major storms are becoming larger and more intense, volcanic eruptions are happening more frequently, and big earthquakes are becoming increasingly common.

The truth is that the crust of our planet is cracked and we are just floating on the pieces. Our world is becoming increasingly unstable, and the worst is yet to come.


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7 Replies to “Planet Earth About To Go Into A Major Upheaval?”

  1. Anna Reeves

    A flip has happened before and it will happen again. I am not going to sit around worrying about it because this is something we have no control over. Just enjoy your life as best you can and what ever will be will be. God Bless our planet Earth.

  2. Mark

    “…and the worst is yet to come.” WOW, now there is an ending line to wallow in. This phenomena info has been around for at least a couple of decades. The magnetic field moves…yes. It is probably important to be aware of, BUT not to wallow in the ‘end of the world’ kind of scenario. Lots of things are required for Gaia to move through and into new energies of transformation. Magnetic shift is merely one of those physical things that will happen. Just like global warming is a cyclic phenomena (that humans are effecting). Bottom line…be aware…DON’T GO DOWN THE FEAR RABBIT HOLE….NOW VALUE THERE. We are living in awesome times!!!!!!!!

  3. Doug James

    If this happens I think the Galactics have the ability to lessen the risk to humanity. Not sure why people think earth is flat while all the other planets in our solar system are spheres? Pics from Concord flights in the 1980s show the curvature as the Concord flew at 50k ft. How do you have a sunrise and sunset or season with a flat earth. Rem earth is a living being with a soul Gaia.

  4. Kristen

    Thank you to the ladies above, I couldn’t of said it better. At least we see more clearly all the levels of consciousness…including the ‘authors’.

  5. Cheri Lawrence

    Fake News from Fake Science! Fear mongering at its worst! So forget about the ascension, go back to survival and fear, we are all doomed! Sorry we are not creating apocolyptic destruction anymore. One clue is they are more worried about “trillions of dollars” in damage to electronics and communications than loss of life or human suffering. I too am surprised you would publish this article knowing what you know inside. Hopefully most of what you publish you resonate with. Although I don’t believe the earth is flat, I do agree with Karen that changes in the magnetic field can cause memory loss which is a good thing as the mind control matrix running this dreary hell program or hologram within our brainwaves is finally being destroyed so we can see the truth of our reality.

  6. Karen

    I trust every article I get from era of light. This pole shift business is a surprising subject to be pushed here. Most believe the pole shift will come from nibiru, but nibiru is not causing any problems. Nibiru is a hell prison planet. The Galactics are protecting our planet from any cataclysmic events. People are seeing nemesis, but nemesis is not causing it either. We live on a flat world anyway. What you are not mentioning is that a magnetic feild drop can cause memory loss. If you want to contribute to fear why not tell people that. Astronauts wear a belt that provides a magnetic force so they don’t experience the memory loss like some astronauts did a decade ago. Why are you pushing fear alongside all the positive news you share? We should be focusing on unity not fear. I am utterly shocked this site would allow such a post.