Saint Germaine: Do Not Limit Your Sweet Selves Any Longer

saint germain eraoflightGreetings dearest ones! Greetings! I AM St. Germaine, I am your brother, your family, and ally.

And yes, I come today to congratulate thee on your recent major upgrades, you’re being reborn, or, you might say and call it, your “New Yous!” It is refreshing to see you bouncing and full of stamina, joy, and anticipatory excitement in your lives. It is indeed a delight to commune with thee this day.

And we have said to you that this day would come, and you are seeing it happening, because it is a process of unfolding and becoming, not quite a snapshot – but a picture perfect of love. Well, it starts with you, dear hearts, and it starts with the few that have committed and said “yes” in the deepest loving devotion to the Mother, now and always.

You see, humanity, as a collective, has reached that tipping point where the few, bright and strong can manifest and bring heaven into form for all. And so, it will become easier, faster, and clearer for everyone. Chaos will be dissipating, while harmony, peace, and love will reign once more.

It is fun and we are all excited to be here with you in this year of miracles and magic.

You are the ones that are doing it, and while you are in this process of becoming, emerging as the full powerful ‘yous’, while you are perfecting your magic and manifesting skills, we come to bring a few suggestions and clues so that you can uncover and make use of all the power that lies within you.

And so, you are starting by asking how to be in this world that still seems to be in constant revolt and upheaval? How do you walk in a war zone – to give the chaos a name? How do you travel with these brand new clothes, the regal, godly ones that the Mother has given you, and not get them trashed or dirty?

And I am saying to thee that you have to take the time and look inside your dear selves and yes, look into a mirror and see the wholeness of who you are! See that everything has changed, not just the exterior and the outside of thee. Own your true selves, and step firmly into your divine authority. See the deepness of your being and the power that you possess. Do not shy away. Look beyond this label – the New You – and feel the greatness, the potential that lies within your being!

No, not in an egotistical way, not in a way of placing yourselves above anyone. Not at all! In fact, this is why you hesitate to sit and look at yourselves for too long.

But, do you believe that the Mother doesn’t know your hearts? And yes, She knows your egos as well. But She knows you in your wholeness, and She trusts you to use all of the gifts, all of the powers, and your unique and beautiful abilities and talents, for the goodness and great benefit of all!

And so I say to thee, do you wish to sit in silence with me to feel the extraordinary creative power that had been bestowed on thee? Do you know deep down in the very cells of your being that there is no limitation that anyone can place on thee? Try to imagine anything, ask for anything at all, regardless of how outrageous it might be, and then feel into your hearts, feel that certitude and clear knowing that you can and that you will bring it into manifestation…not by working hard and wasting lots of time, but just by being the loving being that you are.

There are no more doubts or fears in this New You! Of course, you know this…you can feel this truth. Do you feel the creator within, smiling, becoming more alive with every minute that passes, growing and shaping up, bringing forth new ideas and great inspiration for the new life that you are planning to live? Yes, of course, you do!

Do not limit your sweet selves any longer. Stop hiding and holding yourselves back in smallness, trying to match the rest of the world. No more. Let’s not go there anymore. Enough of this nonsense. You have done this for way too long, and it has not served you or anyone else well. Humanity has had enough of this. No more!

Let’s proceed dear brave ones. Let’s get going, hand in hand, connected heart in heart, and let’s start building and co-creating this Heaven on Earth one beautiful gem, one peaceful meadow, one glorious City of Light, and one miracle at a time!

Cheers dear ones! Congratulations once more! Farewell!


» Source » Channel: Genoveva Coyle