Sheldan Nidle 11/29/2016

snidle9 Akbal, 6 Yaxk’in, 13 Caban

Dratzo! Much is now happening around this globe. The various funds required to “cash out” all programs are being counted and to be distributed where they are needed. This set of operations is earmarked to lead eventually to the formal announcement of NESARA and then GESARA. This means that America is moving closer to the formal announcement of its new NESARA Republic. This new reality is ultimately to permit a new global banking system to manifest.

Inquiry: RV/GCR

678987Greetings all, I am KejRaj(KayRy).

This, we usually do not do. Write about the who/what/why/when/where/how/ of the RV/GCR. But in the past few weeks we have had some readers email us questions regarding the RV/GCR.

Today we write about this, not to discourage anyone, but to simply assist a few who feel a bit lost, as far as this RV/GCR is concerned.

Do Vegetarians Really Live Longer?

fruit-vegetable-heart-23560151It’s an age-old question that goes something along the lines of: does avoiding meat really help a person to live a longer, happier, healthier life? A biology lecturer from Aston University in Birmingham, U.K., seems to think that the answer to this question is yes, though he admits that the science is still

What is a Merkaba?

4607878103“Like the Sun, we must breathe, radiating out all life, and from all life we will receive our manna.”

“Love then is the most intelligent and creative force in the universe! It is literally the vine that ties and supports all life and creation together.”

A Merkaba is an amazing liquid light body energy field extending over 50 feet around a person’s body. The Merkaba is a living energy field.

Angelic Guides: Today is a Special Day

wretDear ones, today is a special day the likes of which you have never experienced before. Not because exceptional energies are pummeling earth, but that you are changing so rapidly that which was interesting yesterday will likely not be by tomorrow.  And promises made yesterday may hold no credence today making your life topsy-turvy.

So it is many of you are turning aside in anger only to discover that you no longer feel comfortable in 3D environments, nor are you feeling love and joy or experiencing the rewards you hoped for.

Archangel Gabriel 11/28/2016

gabrielMany of you will perceive yourselves as being lazy if you are not working hard. But the reality is the most important work you will do is the internal work of your own soul growth and expansion, and in order to do that, many of you will create the circumstances that will allow you the time to do just that. This may appear as a period of unemployment, an illness, or any other event that creates the perfect environment for introspection