Saint Germain: A Little Secret

14765568117297I am here today to let you in on a little secret, or not so little according to where you are and what you part is in it. I will first tell you that there is coming a definite clearing of many bundles of merit that have been elevated to the truth energy that is needed, and is being expelled around the world. I am involved in a true feeling of being a part of the fixtures that are being replaced with the truth of what has been taking place around the globe. It is now being exposed for what is the drudgery that has been being felt by so many people. What is now taking place is that the truth of so many delays in the system being activated that you

Mike Quinsey 11/25/2016

147403459048849The dark Ones and their cohorts are proposing to put into action one last major attempt to regain lost ground, by faking an extraterrestrial attack upon you. It would be very realistic and you would perceive Spacecraft and Beings that looked exactly like those you are familiar with. Some craft would only be holograms and look quite normal, you are therefore warned of their intentions so that fear can be lessened or prevented as far as possible. Creating

Montague Keen: Visualise the Chains Breaking

wpd4bc9436_06Everything is in turmoil. Many do not know who or what to believe. You saw how the Cabal Machine went into action the moment Mr Trump was elected. The lies and the fear mongering went into overdrive, leaving many in doubt, though deep in their souls they knew that Mrs Clinton would ensure World War III and that life on Earth would become a mere existence. The Earth that you know and love would bear no resemblance to the Earth that the Cabal wants to create. The destruction of the human race is planned down to

The Pleiadians: Remembrance of Our Shared Divinity

7741611Today, we are speaking with an old friend, the Pleiadians. While we who speak from the League of Light are as well Pleiadian, we are nearly all from the world of the stellar neighborhood of Taygeta, called Temmer. We will be in contact in this message with Pleiadians of the star Acyone, from a cluster of worlds. We as Pleiadian humans have a shared history in many ways, though each world carries its own unique history. What we wish to focus on in this communication is our perspective on the present set of circumstances now at play in your world, and how we together can arrive

Ten Best Kept Health Secrets, From The Happiest Region In The World

cute-baby-boy-176x220The happiest country in the world is determined by a World Happiness Report, a yearly survey commissioned in 2012 by UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon as part of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN). Using factors such as the economy, lifestyle, public policy, health and  environment , this group looks at 156 nations and then calculates which ones are the happiest. reports that the 2016 winner was Denmark. Also included in the 2016 top ten list are four other Scandinavian nations including Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland.

Single mother of six facing jail time after selling homemade meal to undercover investigator

51bhz7kisql-_sy344_bo1204203200_Only in America 2016 has liberty been so polluted and restrained by the massive police state that a single mother of six could be facing jail time for selling a homemade meal.

The Daily Sheeple reports that, in December 2015, Mariza Reulas, of Stockton, Calif., was cited for operating a food facility and engaging in business without the blessing of the powers that be (as in, she didn’t have a permit).