Sheldan Nidle 11/15/2016

snidle8 Muluc, 12 Xul, 13 Caban

Dratzo! We come with good news about the oddities and wonders of this past week. The American elections were merely the last gasp of the old but still functioning USA, Inc. The results were an indication of just how ready America is for a new reality, the NESARA Republic. Financial institutions are gradually to be jumpstarted with the introduction of new, colorful US Treasury notes. These are to be gold-backed and to signify the formal collapse of

Now That The Election Is Over… What Now?

I am “Ashira”. What lovely energy in this room today!

This has been interesting week for those of us here at these various levels. We are enjoying what is happening. It did not go as you expected it to go. It seemed to go as any other election but it was not. It was a part of a much bigger change that is in place now that is now moving forward and all of us are so excited!

The Council: Wake-Up Calls

thecouncilYour world is now going through a massive awakening. We have pointed this out to you before. And each time we have also indicated that there was a vast amount of unknown, unseen, and unwanted things that had to be faced before you would begin to see the approach of the wondrous world that awaited you. We told you that you had not even scratched the proverbial surface. There are now, and will continue to be, wake-up

Five Concepts for the New Human

5th-dimensional-creationGreetings, dear ones, I Am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Again we tell you that the name magnetic service is a metaphor, for the magnetic grid of the planet contains that which we call the posturing of consciousness. We’ve told you before that you could not live here on this planet without it. Early on, we told you that the magnetic attributes of Earth had to change because of the coming consciousness shift. That was in order for all to be ready for what’s coming. That’s the service that I originally came for and now that

The Anti-Aging Protein That Could Slow Down The Aging Process

anti-aging-png-scaled600Scientists at Nottingham University may have discovered the “Fountain of Youth” hidden deep within our own cells. As we grow older, our body’s tissues and functions begin to diminish, making us more prone to neurodegenerative diseases. However, after a major breakthrough in their quest to unravel and halt the aging process, the British researchers discovered a key cellular protein that could slow down

The Rothschilds

rothschild12Like the pharaohs of Egypt who had a grand vizier, Queen Elizabeth 2nd also has a grand vizier who serves as her most trusted advisor. His name is lord Evelyn Rothschild and he is the second wealthiest and most powerful person on earth. He is also lord of the world’s financial capitol, the City State of London. Lord Rothschild and his ring of power hide their identities behind 13 City Council members who stand in as their representatives. Historically, the Rothschild family

Power of Colors: Gold

gold-galaxy-hd-wallpaperThe color gold is the color of success, achievement and triumph. Associated with abundance and prosperity, luxury and quality, prestige and sophistication, value and elegance, the psychology of this color implies affluence, material wealth and extravagance.

Gold in its physical state, by its very nature, denotes wealth and prestige in every country, culture and market