Now That The Election Is Over… What Now?

I am “Ashira”. What lovely energy in this room today!

This has been interesting week for those of us here at these various levels. We are enjoying what is happening. It did not go as you expected it to go. It seemed to go as any other election but it was not. It was a part of a much bigger change that is in place now that is now moving forward and all of us are so excited!

We knew that you needed to walk through the elements of this day. That is what this group is here for. And we expect you to ask us. We know that all in unfolding before your eyes. Everything that you expected needed to have this happen first. This is the way.

It is not that Mr. Trump is going to be an outstanding president that changes everything and the world changes because of that. The world will be very different by the time he takes his place in that role. All of these things are happening and unfolding in front of your eyes. And now the president has been selected you have a little more breathing room for all the rest of the wonders to occur. OK?

“One Who Serves”
Greetings! “One Who Serves” here. Interesting times, are they not?

Enjoy these times. You look around and seem confused and are confused about all of these things that are going on. And we say enjoy yourselves. Enjoy this time you are in now. It is a wonderful time because it is an opening. It is an opening into a new Golden Age that you are on the cusp of, right now.

Can you imagine all of the times you have been waiting for this? We speak of lifetimes and lifetimes and lifetimes that you have been wondering when this was going to be, when you were going to come to the end times.

And here you are now. You find this particular election here and we told you that it was not going to be the same kind of election that you have always had. We did not come out and say who was going to win because in actuality we did not know who would win. It was not written in stone or anything of this nature. It is always based on probabilities. Each one of you is working through this process. This process of bringing out the truth. This particular election brought out the truth. Much truth.

We tell you now that this is only the beginning. We have spoken before of an analogy of water pipes springing leaks here and there. And before, the Dark Forces, the Cabal was able to plug those pipes up, here or there, these leaks spring up more and more and more. They can no longer plug them up.

So we would say now that the floodgates are about to open. You are going to have the experience now of truth coming out. Full force. This is what this is all about, is no more business as usual. It is the truth coming out. Truth shall set you free.

This is why Yeshua said this so long ago knowing these times would come. Truth would certainly set you all free. We do not speak only of this country, United States of America we speak of the entire world here. The entire world looked at this election and were interested. They wanted to know what would happen. They knew deep, down within them the ramifications of all of this.

This was the beginning of the floodgates opening. This was the beginning of the dominoes. We have spoken of the smaller dominoes falling. The first one was the Brexit. This one is another one here. You have gone through this and you are going to experience more.

That particular fount of information called “WikiLeaks” is only the beginning. There is so much more that will be coming forth, so many more understandings around the world. In this country yes but also around the world. That particular event that happened, the smaller even leading to the larger event was a wake-up call coming from this country to the world here. To wake-up the people. The people rose up and spoke, no more business as usual, no more big business. No more continuations of that which has been in the government. No more! We are done with this.

The people spoke. And you are the people. You are the Lightworkers. You are ones who came to create this entire process of coming forward with the truth. And know everyone, you are the truth. You are the truth.

We are ready for questions now.

Q: How soon can we expect to have the truth revealed in a public manor?

“One Who Serves”
My dear sister, it is already being revealed in a public manner. Much has already come out and will continue to come out. Various leaks that have come out have been purposeful. It was part of the orchestration that we have spoken of many, many times here. And all is being orchestrated.

Not really sure that we will be any different on the answer you gave however after the “Event” you will see that everything has changed.

Q: Is there any truth to what I read about St. Germain overlighting Mr. Trump?

“One Who Serves”
We can tell you it is not a direct overlighting that you are thinking. There is somewhat of an overshadowing, yes. It is true because this country is St. Germain’s baby. It was helped to be of founded by St. Germain. He is very much involved with this. St. Germain plans to speak very soon with this group, possibly in the next week here. He will share more on this and this particular topic can be approached as well.

But understand that this Donald Trump is there for a reason. He is purposely there, it could have gone the other direction, but because of all the orchestration by man’s consciousness; it is not the
Ascended Master’s or the Galactics or the Agarthan’s that are running this show, it is you. Your collective consciousness is creating all of this. Your collective consciousness said, enough is enough! We will not have this same business as usual.

Therefore, the Donald Trump was elected here. Whether he will serve, as you know it, has not been seen here. There are many things that can still happen here. There are many things that are up in the air as you might say. But there is a continuation of the orchestration that is happening at all times.

It is not St. Germain incarnated as Donald Trump. It is a bit of overshadowing here. Yes.

We would add that there are so many Archangels and Ascended Masters even Galactics who have a word in the ears of people around the planet. You may think that this person or that is being affected by this entity or that. The truth is that we are involved with giving helpful words, pushing a certain way to help one accomplish certain things.

You might think of this more of someone being assisted without their knowledge and probably best at this time. They will know in the future they can call on us and they will be more aware of the effect we have had in the forming of the future through you.

Q: I have a question about the riots. What can we do to help?

Send light. Send love. That is what you can do to help. On face value you can see that riots, public disturbances, humans can get messages across. Can get people to pay attention. Can get people to change minds.

When you have had the veracity that these have had and people begin to think, I just want these to go away, in the private time of your consciousness send them light and love. Know that these are not good or bad, it wakes people up! OK?

“One Who Serves”
Be the light and as Ghandi said, be the change that you want to see in the world. Be that change.
Be the light. Share it wherever you can. OK?

Q:Why do we come up with energy blocks sometimes during Ascension processes?

“One Who Serves”
First of all you are assuming that there are issues to push through. That there are blockages to push through. We would say to you that is not the case. Your blockages would be different from another’s blockages. Your problems are different from another’s problems. When you look at it from the higher point of view you don’t have any problems. You see?

You don’t have blockages. It is only within your mind that is creating this. You are creating the blockage if there is any blockage there. So use your mind with your heart, your heat/mind connection to know there are no blocks. There is nothing holding you from your Higher
Godself. You and your Higher Godself are one. As Yeshua said, “I and the Father are one.”

Know this. If you continue to know this you will seemingly push through all of those blocks because they were not there to begin with. Just as in the “Matrix” there is no spoon. You see?

Very good energies as we find it here today. Very good energies!

Q: Sometimes I begin to get a lot of messages and things get quiet for a week. It makes me confused.

“One Who Serves”
You are being too hard on yourself. You are being much too difficult to yourself here. Let it go. Go with the flow. It is what it is. All of these sayings are apropos to the situation here. This is to all, not only the one asking the question.

Let it go. Let it be. Everything is happening as it needs to happen. Everything is happening in the perfect now. It is all being orchestrated. The more you come to understand this you more you will understand there is no spoon. There are no blockages here. The only thing blocking you is you. You see?

You and many in this room have the opportunity of feeling that flow going for a week or two or even a month and then, it seems that everything is quiet. It seems that everything has shut done but it is not really shut down. You are not at the same level of vibration. You are exactly where you need to be and doing exactly what you need to do at all times

When you are in the flow, enjoy it. When things are not flowing, enjoy the quiet time. Enjoy your meditations and send out.

“One Who Serves”
It is also what is called an energy and a rest. The entire universe works in this manner. Energy and rest. Even the beginning of creation happened in this way. Energy and a rest. Even in the creation process did he not rest after those days? The seventh day. Energy and rest is going on in all of your lives now.

One minute you are in an energy state and everything is wonderful and going with the flow. All of a sudden it changes and now you are in that resting stage. You are getting ready for the next energy that comes along here.

Back and forth. Back and forth. When you move up into the higher vibrations more permanently you will be continually at the energy stage much more so than you are now. But much more so in terms of everything is good, everything is at a high level for you.

Q: With the election now, how does this affect the New Republic coming forward?

“One Who Serves”
It is coming forward. It is all coming forward. It is all a part of the process here. What you have just come through with this election is part of the process. It is part of the orchestration. It is part of the great plan at work here. This is just one facet of that.

You are moving toward the Republic. No one is going to stop it. St. Germain would never allow for this to be stopped. You see? And all of us as well. So everything is happening exactly as it needs to. Even beyond what you are understanding because it is much more than what you have come to understand at this point. But it is going to be announced and everything will go through as it needs to here.

Q: Have heard about Earth’s Graduation has taken place. What can you share about this?

Earth’s Graduation. As you move ever forward on this Ascension Process there are different stages to be acknowledged. As far as the Earth’s Graduation, to those who can read stories of Earth’s tragedies, most of the people on the planet are reveling around newness. Around the New Republic for the U.S., around new money and more.

The Earth had its graduation when Mr. Trump was elected not that he was to be the savior or anything like that. It was the outcry from the collective consciousness that said, we have had enough of enough. .It is time therefore to make a change on this planet for where the world is going and what the world will accomplish.

“One Who Serves”
You can look at this from the point of view of graduation here as if you are in college. You are moving through your various courses and such and through your various classes and moving through to that graduation process here.

This graduation as you apply would be the full Ascension. That would be the total graduation. But there would also be earlier graduations are there not? There is high school and elementary school and all of that. You are actually moving through all of these. The final one will be the Ascension.

You are in that process now but the final one will be for each and every one of you. And Ascension for the whole, entire planet as well.

Q: It seems that there is so much division in the country and the world. Do you have any kind of help when we can expect this to begin to heal, for us to hear truth?

“One Who Serves”
There is already truth coming forward. It is a process and not everyone will come forward together to hear the truth. Understand that all is happening when it needs to. The idea of those uprisings happening is all part of the process.

It is being fueled by the Cabal here. They are creating the fear, creating the anger. They are feeding all of this to feed what they need here. You see? But you will see that coming to an end really quickly. You will see a coming together of the nation here. Especially as you come closer and closer to the times of the more greater changes here.

Can’t be more specific here because we are not sure of how it is going to transpire. It is all part of the orchestration that is in the works now.

Your best guess is our best guess. We don’t have a firm feeling for dates, times or energies. Everything is unfolding as it should.

Q: Can you give a timeline that could possibly end December 2017? We hope not to go on forever!

“One Who Serves”
If you are speaking of final graduation or are you speaking of Ascension now? For your own personal Ascension, that is up to you at an individual and personal level. Planetary Ascension is in the process now as we speak and will continue to be so.

For when Gaia herself goes through complete and full Ascension there will be nobody left here that has not ascended. You cannot be at the energy levels of the new Gaia unless you are in those energies as well.

I am chuckling, friend, because we have been answering this for the past couple of years. How long do I have to be at this job, with these people I do not enjoy? We know that you are frustrated.

We are sorry but we are in absolute agreement with “One Who Serves”. Mother Gaia is in her process of Ascension. You are in your process. She is taking all on the planet, in the planet, her kingdoms, all of those with her. It is up to every individual to create that collective consciousness by that which you live. So, it takes as long as it takes. We will watch this together and enjoy laughing every Sunday.

Another “One Who Serves”
Greetings. Great to be with you in such auspicious times here. Everything is wonderful. There is nothing that is not wonderful. And you think, what is he talking about here? (laughter)

Everything is going to hell in a handbasket here, is it not? It is all in a perspective you take here. If you think everything is wonderful and you “Believe” everything is wonderful, then you will see it that way. You see?

So, be of good cheer my friends, my brothers, my sisters, everybody. Everything is wonderful. Everything is happening exactly as it needs to. The election thing, the leaks, the truth and all of that is part of this greater plan, this greater process. And you are a great part of this process.

And you think, what can I do? All I can do is vote. What does my vote do, you see? But you have no idea what your very thoughts, all of the time, create here. Your thoughts of peace and oneness and sharing of the light does so. That is what you have to understand. Just a simple thought of this creates it in the moment. That is a very sobering thought is it not?

Every single thought creates your life, creates the entire life of the planet. Better change your thoughts quick, no? So, everything is wonderful. So everything is peachy keen here. OK? We will release channel now.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

I am “Ashira”. I already had an opportunity to speak with you.

Do you know that every time you sit in our chair for meditation and you go to your heart and send your heart love out into the world that is love, that is light, that is unity. That IS what you can do. It may not feel like a lot but it is very important and it is affecting others around the world when you do this. Around the world.

Take the time when you are at peace, take the time to share with others around the world and know that it effects the mass consciousness and events that unfold in the world. Day in and day out.

I give you my love and my blessings. Namaste.

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