Porda of Mushaba: Obama, RV, Nesara, Disclosure

67789Greetings to All! I am Porda – Papa Force of the Mushaba Family. I am here once again to share with you some information relating to President Obama, Nesara, Disclosure and the RV/GCR.

There is so much information flowing around the internet and many intel providers are a part of this spreading of negative information. Some because they don’t know any better, and others because they know exactly what they are doing. I want to explain to you a few things about President Obama.

Ashtar: Let Go of Elections Results and Shine Your LoveLights

ashtar“Greetings, Beloved Family!  Well, things are getting very interesting, are they not?  And I am not talking about the so-called winner of the election today. There are no winners, truthfully, in the sense of being able to carry out the agendas that they have.  And this is true not only in the national presidential elections and congressional elections and senate elections.  This is true even on more local levels – state levels and so on!

Full Super Moon in Taurus, November 14th, 2016; Marriage of Spirit and Matter


This Full Moon Super Moon (pedigree) in Taurus (22 degrees) is at 9:52 am AST (Atlantic Standard Time) and this will be a powerful One.

This Full Moon will be 30 percent brighter and is the largest fullest Super Full Moon since 1948. Stay up or get up early to take in the full impact (as close to the Full Moon as possible)