Veritas Report: Admiral’s Early Bond Releases

veritas-genericIt’s only been a few short weeks since I began sharing my thoughts with you. For years, I simply used this resource as an information source, something to read late at night after the long day’s work.

Why did I suddenly come forward and begin to voice my information?

Mira of the Pleiadian High Council

147325490061878Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council working full time with the Earth Council.

We are busy with a wide range of projects that are important to the earth’s progress with ascension. Some of you might be aware that we monitor all that is going on with the planet including the elections and the array of events that could be potentially out of line. We are a group of experts on ascension and have legions of talented Galactics who are assisting us with the process. You would be amazed

Archangel Michael: Seeds of Creation

3465478I, Archangel Michael come forth to speak with you about the Seeds of Creation with the purpose of awakening your inner remembrance. Every soul upon the Earth now is connected to or extends from those who anchored the Seeds of Creation into the Earth to bring forth life, experiences and journeys of evolution. When the Earth was created, there were Seeds of Creation anchored which formed the Earth and set intentions for those who would exist upon her. The Seeds of Creation composed of light and holding the energy of the Universe of the Creator acted as a source of navigation for the Earth and her humanity

The Council: Quartz Crystals Part 5

147766794286602Here in Part 5 of the series The Council speaks on energy transference, crystal and tree hugging.

Questioner: I don’t know if I can make this clear or not. Technically, how does this energy or vibration from rocks work? That makes one different from the other?

The Council: It is a part of creation! Why is it

Childhood Cancer Cases in the UK Have Gone Up by 40%

blogphoto_childhood_cancer_girl-504x334Is modern life making people sick? While many people have theorized that the way we lead our lives today is nothing short of unnatural, recent research indicates that we may indeed be making ourselves sicker and more prone to disease as time marches on. Experts are even warning of an upcoming cancer epidemic.

In the United Kingdom, studies show childhood cancer rates have increased by 40 percent in just a mere 16 years