Sheldan Nidle 11/22/2016

snidle2 Cib, 19 Xul 13 Caban

Selamat Jalwa! At the present time, an operation is working toward the goal of isolating the remaining illuminati rogues left in power positions in the American corporate government. This process has taken longer than was first expected by the Chinese and European Elders and Royals. In a preliminary mode, the new legal American government was declared in the latter part of what you know as the Gregorian calendar month of October. What is left is a more formal declaration that is to be made shortly. Meanwhile, a mopping-up process

Council of Radiant Light: Focus On The Light Within

thecouncilHello Beloved Beings,

We see you living in greater accord with all that you are and finding out how good that can feel. We see you letting yourself open up to who you really want to be and how you actually want your life to go. We see you moving out of ideas of who you should be and letting those become less active in your sense of who you are, and we want to celebrate this. This is a beautiful gift to yourself, to let yourself focus on what you actually care about, what really matters to you. It’s very wonderful for us to see you just trusting yourselves and letting yourselves

Saul: You Are Real, The Illusion Is Not

10409430_10152501507386328_8212651517085497014_nWe are in the end times.  This does not mean the end!  It refers to the dispelling and disintegration of the illusion.  The illusion is a dream or nightmare in which humanity has been collectively enmeshed for eons.  It is an unreal state, an hallucination, something unreal but imagined – similar to the misdirection used by magicians – which is very convincing.  What you believe in you see!  The collective has seen and experienced the illusion for eons and thus it has become virtually impossible not to believe in its reality.  Until very recently your scientists were producing “evidence” that proved you lived in a physical universe, and everyday experience confirmed the illusion’s solid reality because objects

Solar System Changes Part 2

40138887dbd32ca15ebb660e478832faChanges to Your Sun During the Shift

Your sun is the center of the EM field generated within your solar system. EM fluctuations are first received by your sun and then stepped down in frequency as they radiate out from your sun into the solar system. To reiterate the information given in the 11th diagram of the government site, while the planets obviously receive some of their EM bursts/fluctuations directly from the Central Sun of the galaxy and the quasars, the most