Solar System Changes Part 2

40138887dbd32ca15ebb660e478832faChanges to Your Sun During the Shift

Your sun is the center of the EM field generated within your solar system. EM fluctuations are first received by your sun and then stepped down in frequency as they radiate out from your sun into the solar system. To reiterate the information given in the 11th diagram of the government site, while the planets obviously receive some of their EM bursts/fluctuations directly from the Central Sun of the galaxy and the quasars, the most significant EM bursts/fluctuations come from your own star.

If you study the geology of your sun extensively, you will realize that the nuclear forces involved, while determining the life cycle of your sun, do not explain the abnormally high level of solar flares, sunspots and solar storms you have been experiencing as you approach the year 2012.

You will find that the precessional alignment of the Earth does not have a significant influence on the activity of your sun, but the Galactic Shift in the form of the EM null zone definitely does. Therefore, it is not entirely accurate to say that the sun’s activity will peak in the year 2012. There are already great fluctuations in this your year 2007, and there were massive fluctuations over the last few years. Your scientists are perplexed that there is so much solar activity when the sun is not within the 11-year cycle they have documented previously. In other words, they do not understand why solar activity continues at a high rate during the supposedly quiet periods between normal solar cycles.

The solar activity will reach its peak during the 20-year midpoint of the EM null zone. This midpoint will last from approximately 2015 until 2035. The precessional alignment of 2012, while having little or no effect on the sun, will greatly exaggerate the effects on Earth of the solar activity. This will cause significant changes to the atmosphere of the Earth. The interaction of the Galactic Shift combined with the precessional alignment, even though a complete pole reversal is not anticipated, will nevertheless create an effect much stronger than a normal cycle of partial pole reversal.

The saving grace for Earth lies in the fact that the peak of the Galactic Shift occurs AFTER the peak of the precessional alignment. This is why we anticipate moderate cataclysmic events instead of severe cataclysmic events. This is one of the reasons why we see at least one quarter of humanity surviving the Earth changes.

According to our analysis and the analysis of many others, the greatest decrease in humanity’s numbers will not be from cataclysmic floods, earthquakes, volcanoes and climate changes, but from the failure of the immune system of the human body, and this will be due to the EM fluctuations themselves (and ultimately the decisions of each soul). Of course, those souls that have elevated their consciousness and cleared their psychological and emotional issues will have a much easier time dealing with the EM fluctuations.

Those souls that are committed to staying with the Earth will be given tools and DNA healings that will keep their immune systems “immune” from many of the changes. These tools will be given by their own higher selves, or God Selves, as well as from helpers in the higher realms, such as us.

The sun’s EM fluctuations have a major impact on the human body. This channel and many others have learned to recognize when there is a significant solar flare or solar storm just by the way they feel. Intense periods of solar radiation often correspond to heightened emotional sensitivity and erratic production of brain chemicals. Many souls feel they are going crazy during these episodes. Conflagrations and violence tend to escalate.

Intense bursts of solar radiation entering the upper atmosphere of the Earth affect the weather, tending to cause the Earth to temporarily dry out and warm up. They also affect the functioning of satellites, which in turn affect your communications systems and computer technology.

There are many other phenomena related to the changes in the sun and outer gaseous planets. Perhaps you have noticed that the planets and stars look brighter than usual at certain times. The part of the moon that is in darkness is more easily visible than it used to be. While this is due partially to the reflection of Earth’s city lights on the surface of the moon, there are other reasons as well. The atmospheres of the Earth and other planets are becoming more highly charged as the bursts of radiation from the sun continue. The aurora borealis increases.

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