St. Germain, Ashira, One Who Serves

147656665054416“St. Germain”
I am “St. Germain”. I am here now to continue this process that has begun long ago. We are now together at this moment, at this time, like a moment in history. Just prior to the moment in history that changes everything.

We know in your discussion today you spoke of this. You spoke of these changes coming. You spoke of how everything is about to shift.

Ohmnipure: Go Within

147787834972579This is the time to get through the encumbrances that are seemingly all around you. It is time to look at them in a different way and see them as messages of release. There is coming a new way to see things and that is taking it in a different place than before. As you do this you will begin to see what the inner cause for such encumbrances may be about. They may be the opportunity for you to go in a different direction. They may be for you to deliver a message to the ones who are involved in what it is that seems so out of harmony. This can bring to your world a new flavor, a new way to believe in the outcome of what may come from it. As you do this you may experience a new way of feeling about what gave you cramps

Earth: Feel Again How It Used to Be

slicedDear people, I am the voice of Mother Earth. I carry you through the journey of this, your human life. Feel me in your bones, in your flesh, in all the cells of your body. I supply the building blocks of your human body.

However, I am not only present in you on the physical plane, I am also an energetic being that is very old. I have a soul-energy, a spiritual life, and as soon as you are born on the skin of my body, I endow you with my energy, the energy of the Earth. The energy of me, of the Earth, moves along with those who live on me, i.e. all humanity. My energy is receptive to yours; I absorb it

Solar System Changes Part 3

40138887dbd32ca15ebb660e478832faEffect of the Shift on the Other Planets

On Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, the gaseous structure of these planets causes them to be particularly sensitive to changes in the EM field of the sun. Scientists are observing changes in the atmospheres of these planets and are unable to explain what is taking place. Perhaps those with highly sensitive instruments have drawn a connection between solar flares and these changes, but the results are still being disputed.

The Arcturians: Living in the Fifth Dimensional NOW

5919875Blessings – we are the Arcturians, we are here today with Shawnna to speak a little bit about whatever we end up speaking about. And what we will be speaking about is living in the fifth dimensional now.

When you are living in the fifth dimensional now, for we the Arcturians are always living in the fifth dimensional now, there isn’t a “time for preparation,” there isn’t a “history of what you’ve done so far,” there isn’t a possible future that you are preparing for, for you are

Powerful and Proliferative: The Formidable Purslane

purslane_greenmedinfoWhat is considered a weed to some may be a powerful medicine to others. Valued in many cultures worldwide, this herbaceous succulent provides an array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It’s omega-3 content rivals any other green land plant and often grows almost uncontrollably.

Walking like an Egyptian was something the Bangles taught us, but if we wanted to eat like the Egyptians it would include the addition of