Solar System Changes Part 3

40138887dbd32ca15ebb660e478832faEffect of the Shift on the Other Planets

On Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, the gaseous structure of these planets causes them to be particularly sensitive to changes in the EM field of the sun. Scientists are observing changes in the atmospheres of these planets and are unable to explain what is taking place. Perhaps those with highly sensitive instruments have drawn a connection between solar flares and these changes, but the results are still being disputed. Some have gone so far as to suggest that Jupiter may be turning into a second sun. While this is scheduled to happen in the far future (turning your solar system into a binary structure), we do not see this happening in your lifetimes. The nearest estimate is 1,943,674,800 years from now, and there are a few variables that could make that the date of a partial ignition of the reactor system within Jupiter, and not a total fusion reaction.

You might be thinking that beings as advanced as we are would surely be able to give a more accurate timetable for the conversion of Jupiter, but you must understand that we are looking at nearly two billion years of human evolution before the proposed date. You are powerful, creative, spiritual beings. During the next two billion years, many of you will evolve to the level of Creator Gods. When you have reached that level of awareness, you will have the ability to affect such things as fusion reactions within gaseous planets. At this point in your evolution, the cycles of the cosmos are beyond your free will. They will happen regardless of whether or not you believe in them or try to prevent them.

However, a time will come when you will be able to change the cosmic cycles. You can already influence them to some degree, but it is very minor. If the entirety of humanity were to concentrate on changing the orbit of a comet or asteroid, however, you could influence the orbit enough to perhaps prevent an impending disaster.

Your arrogant scientists think they can change the orbit of heavenly bodies by exploding nuclear devices on or near such objects. While the successful execution of such a program would undoubtedly have an effect on a heavenly body in the vicinity, there are a lot of factors that have not been taken into account, including the intervention by beings in other realms that do not wish to have such devices exploded. The role of helpers in the changes taking place on Earth will be the subject of one of our later sessions. For now, we feel it is time to explain the coming changes using your various fields of study, so that as many of you as possible can understand what we are saying. In our next message, we will relate this information through the filters of your individual sciences and specific disciplines.

We are the Founders, emanating the Love and Compassion of the One Creator.

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