The Virtual Reality of your Blueprint and Consciousness as Divine Light

5919875The Benevolent Beings of Light, the Angels, of which you exist as already as your Original Light, orchestrate the playing out of Human Destiny, through the interplay of consciousness, of which all exist within. Your consciousness and your experiences are playing out within this network of Light and consciousness, that triggers within you, levels of awareness, which mark your turning points, your transitions, your new beginnings and endings.

This design of your individuated consciousness at the deeper level of your subconscious is the “setting” of reality

The Grandmothers: These Are Great Times

grandmothers_11We are watching you as you struggle to find safe harbor in the world around you as storms and disappointments rage everywhere. Nations are quaking now, the land under your feet is quaking, hallowed institutions are falling and it’s difficult to find steady ground. We understand what it’s like for you at this time and so we have come to uphold

Saul: You Are Free Beings

0987654677Humanity’s awakening is proceeding apace.  Keep on holding and renewing the intent for it to occur because it is you, humanity, who are doing the waking!  God has not set an alarm clock to rouse you from your dreams because that would be interfering with your free will choice.  However, I assure you that He will be there, in fact all in the spiritual realms will be there to greet and honor you with an absolute abundance of Love as we commence the celebrations that are due to start immediately you awaken.

Pleiadian High Council of Seven: Shifting Your Vibration

146969968229822We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

When you are able to perceive the slightest shift within your vibrational offering, you are also able to project the precise vibrational offering that you want to project. It is not necessary for you to find the route to your desires. It is not even necessary for you to know specifically what it is that you desire. All that is really

70% of Americans Have Less that $1,000 in Savings

weak-dollar-value-4650002When you look at the state of America in 2016, one of the grievances that is sure to come up most often is the increasingly awful nature of our finances. The economy is in shambles and things don’t seem to be improving in the slightest, mostly due to the fact that the American people continue to elect Democrats that would rather increase our problems with added taxes and welfare programs than actually fix any of the gaping issues facing our society today.

No matter how bad this may all appear on the surface, when you actually analyze what is happening here, it’s likely even worse than you

Breastfeeding Helps Premature Babies Grow Strong Hearts For Life

550_102385623Breastfeeding is the best for premature babies in terms of improving their long-term heart structure and function, according to an Oxford University study.

The hearts of babies born early tend to be smaller than full term babies. Dr. Adam Lewandowski and colleagues at the Oxford Cardiovascular Clinical Research Facility discovered in a previous study that during adult life, the hearts of individuals who were born preterm usually have smaller chambers, thicker walls and decreased function.