The Virtual Reality of your Blueprint and Consciousness as Divine Light

5919875The Benevolent Beings of Light, the Angels, of which you exist as already as your Original Light, orchestrate the playing out of Human Destiny, through the interplay of consciousness, of which all exist within. Your consciousness and your experiences are playing out within this network of Light and consciousness, that triggers within you, levels of awareness, which mark your turning points, your transitions, your new beginnings and endings.

This design of your individuated consciousness at the deeper level of your subconscious is the “setting” of reality, that you are now programmed to.

As you may have noticed, one may attempt lots of changes and nothing occurs, then one day, suddenly everything changes, within you. You see things differently, you become aware of new ways of being.

This continues, as transformation and your evolution, is why you are here in a form.

Taking part of this mass experience, triggering your own enlightenment, as you flow through the moments, as if walking through a maze. One thing, leading you to the next.

This maze only appears as a maze of the consciousness connected to the form, that is, the thoughts and wants of the lower self. To the Higher Self this is a completely guided experience of consciousness, that frees the lower self, from all pain and sorrow, where it only exist as.

This may feel as if on autopilot, and on some levels, it is. That is the turning points, the moments of awareness, are the levels of consciousness, that you seem to reach, then new levels open up for you.

The letting go and allowing this moving and flowing through consciousness, not understanding what is next and why this and that, is the letting go of the wants and needs of the lower self. It is the surrender to your Blueprint, your design, and all the levels of consciousness you have agreed to attain, this time around, while in a form in planet earth.

The freedom is happiness of the moment. The child like joy of all moments.

Now this is not a trying to do thing. As you exist already as this in a different dimension.

You are here to embody this in your form. Allowing the full surrender of your ego self, the part of you connected to the memories and wants, based on good and bad experiences, of your form. To the Higher Dimensional you, that exists as your Original Light. You as your Higher Self, God Self.

This is the embodiment of Divine Qualities and Virtues.

You exist as this already. What you think of as your Future, is ONLY the expanded you already existing, that you are expanding into consciously.

This is the process of the transformation of your Form.

Into itself existing as the Eternal Light.

It is what animates your from even now.

This may begin to feel as if you are inside a virtual experience of consciousness. not controlled by you. The you that is in control of this is your Higher Self. Your Blueprint. Not the ego you, it only exists in conflict, and is what is letting go, in the field of your awareness. Making way, for the Fully Ascended you, to Live consciously merged as the ONLY one that you know yourself to Be.

You are at the higher levels. Inside this connecting consciousness of light. Experiencing varying levels of awareness, that appear as solid, or not. As the All of your reality experiences. That make up you, your uniqueness.

For now, let go more. Relax more. Let the Higher Self you, continue to allow all to arise, as what is next and best for you, in all moments.

The kicking and screaming part of you (your ego) can use a break so to speak, from its energetic hardship, as you use your will, to just let go.

Trusting that this holographic maze, this virtual field of Light that you are within, is the ONLY way through to your next levels. Made easier as you let go.

This opens you to GRACE and Mercy. That is the consciousness of Benevolent Divinity itself. Open to receive.

The design is perfect, the use of your will is required. I love you!

Eternal Love and Bliss!

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