The Council: Quartz Crystals Part 5

147766794286602Here in Part 5 of the series The Council speaks on energy transference, crystal and tree hugging.

Questioner: I don’t know if I can make this clear or not. Technically, how does this energy or vibration from rocks work? That makes one different from the other?

The Council: It is a part of creation! Why is it that you have a field, an energy field? Because you are made up of the elements, and every element is really, when torn down to its basic essential, is a form of electricity. So is the stone. And depending on what elements constitute that stone depends on the field or energy field that emanates from it. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes, so far. Accepting the fact of the quartz crystal as the best combination, as far as stones go, is there anything else in creation like oak wood as opposed to pine? I am just trying to get a grasp on how this all works.

The Council: Well, when you talk about wood, you are talking about a life force, and a life force or something that is actually living and growing in the same sense that the physical body does or at some commonality there, that is a different situation altogether. You see, stones or gems, they come into being in an entirely different way. It is energy and pressure and force and power that creates them. It is erosion and transferences of elements that create them. Where something such as wood is created, well, for a simple remark, from a homogenized or homogeneous process or base line. Do you understand?

Questioner: Not the last part.

The Council: With the stones or what have you, you have a more unique form of creation or it is more, the elements there are more unique or isolated. Where you as a living being contain a far greater collection of elements, the same as anything that is living, whether it be a tree or an animal or a flower or what have you. There is a greater composition there, a greater need for a baseline of a homogeneous state or condition for development or growth.

Questioner: I guess some Indians used to believe or still do that they could hug a tree and get energy that way.

The Council: Well, certainly, everything has a field of energy, and all living things are quite capable of transferring healthy, productive energy to each other. If a stone can do it, certainly anything living can. Now, what interpretation you put on that tree or that flower as to the spirit and the energy that makes it truer to what is as opposed to something commercial. Do you understand?

Questioner: I think so.

The Council: If you think that tree has a unique spirit, such as you do, or there is a life that is unique such as yours in that tree, then you have been reading too many fairy tales. But if you realize that there is a life in that tree that is part of all of creation, and that life, that spirit, that force, can add to your own living spirit and force, if you think that you wish to transfer energy by hugging a tree, by all means do it. But simply leaning up against the tree or coming within the field of that tree, the energy field of that tree, would do as much. Now, if you want to take that even a step further by hugging the tree, and we hesitate really going into this in too much detail, you are making a more direct contact and transference, and since that tree is alive, yet not alive in the same way you are, there is a change or an exchange of life forces that is far more unique and far more positive and beneficial than one might suspect. Since all vegetation is living, when you show a good feeling to a tree or to a flower, you are revitalizing its life, just as it is revitalizing you.

Now, to take it to an exaggerated example, (do you understand?), this is an exaggerated example, so be cautious with what we are about to say, instead of fertilizing a tree with proper nutrients, by hugging it you may be able to do the same thing, since there is a positive transfer of life forces and energy. Since the tree is alive, your good will and your love for that tree might be enough nutrient for that tree’s life. Now, we used a very absurd example and it is not to be taken literally, but to show you the interrelationship, we used such an example. By all means, fertilize your plants.

All: (Laughter)