Astrology for January 2017

986743Rune of the month: Perth “intimacy”. There can be no intimacy without absolute honesty, first with ourselves and then with the ones we cherish. Mutual trust is a powerful founding block to sharing ourselves completely with another, with an open heart as well as loving attention and respect. Without intimacy, no love is complete nor fulfilling. It is only when we have the courage to truly give ourselves to our partner without holding anything of ourselves back, that the depth of our emotions can truly be experienced.

Mercury turns direct on January 8, 2017 at 28º51’ Sagittarius. This degree is symbolized by “A fat boy mowing the lawn of his house on an elegant suburban street”. The first week of this new year requires of us to clean our thoughts, transmute whatever keeps us in a place of lack of integrity and prevents us from expressing confidence, faith and trust in ourselves and in life, as well as not be so concerned about appearances as nothing is really as it seems.

And rare cosmic event, NO other retrograde planet this month!

The Moon will be Void of Course (V/O –forming no major aspect with any planet before entering the following sign-):

  • From Sunday 1/1 at 11:59 PM till Monday 1/2 at 1:57 AM: when the Moon enters Pisces.
  • On Wednesday 1/4 between 8:14 AM and 8:20 AM: when the Moon enters Aries.
  • On Friday 1/6 between 10:41 AM and 12:18 PM: when the Moon enters Taurus.
  • From Saturday 1/7 at 6:23 PM till Sunday 1/8 at 2:06 PM: When the Moon enters Gemini.
  • On Tuesday 1/10 between 1:38 PM and 2:49 PM: when the Moon enters Cancer.
  • On Thursday 1/12 between 3:34 AM and 4:08 PM : when the Moon enters Leo.
  • On Saturday 1/14 between 7:17 AM and 7:52 PM: when the Moon enters Virgo.
  • From Monday 1/16 at 10:09 PM till Tuesday 1/17 at 3:16 AM: when the Moon enters Libra.
  • On Thursday 1/19 between 0:55 AM and 2:09 PM: when the Moon enters Scorpio.
  • From Saturday 1/21 at 5:24 PM till Sunday 1/22 at 2:45 AM: when the Moon enters Sagittarius.
  • On Tuesday 1/24 between 9:33 AM and 2:43 PM: when the Moon enters Capricorn.
  • From Thursday 1/26 at 11:18 PM till Friday 1/27 at 0:37 AM: when the Moon enters Aquarius.
  • From Saturday 1/28 at 9:52 PM till Sunday 1/29 at 8:10 AM: when the Moon enters Pisces.
  • On Tuesday 1/31 at 9:36 AM till 1:47 PM: when the Moon enters Aries.

Mark these periods in red in your calendar and avoid scheduling anything of importance during these times as they would amount to… NO thing!

Scheduling our activities using the zodiacal position of the Moon:

Moon in Aquarius until Monday 1/2 at 1:56 AM + between Friday 1/27 at 0:37 AM and Sunday 1/29 at 8:09 AM: Perfect for philanthropic activities, charitable organizations, meeting with friends, making new acquaintances. Good also for inventions, far out, progressive ideas, inter-dimensional and time travel, anything related to UFOs, computers and technology in general….

Moon in Pisces between Monday 1/2 at 1:57 AM and Wednesday 1/4 at 8:19 AM + between Sunday 1/29 at 8:10 AM and Tuesday 1/31 at 1:46 PM: Great for meditating, sitting by the ocean, anything related to the sacred, dancing, painting, swimming, dreaming, music, photography, film, sleeping, channeling, connecting with the mystical, the magic and the oneness of all that is…

Moon in Aries between Wednesday 1/4 at 8:20 AM and Friday 1/6 at 12:17 PM + between Tuesday 1/31 at 1:47 PM and Thursday 1/2 at 5:49 PM: Perfect for intense physical activities, anything requiring forceful, direct action and self-assertion. Good also for leadership, spontaneity, good will, being a way shower, initiating new projects or bringing our car to the mechanic….

Moon in Taurus between Friday 1/6 at 12:18 PM and Sunday 1/8 at 2:05 PM: Perfect for any financial matter: paying our bills/debts, asking for the money that is owed to us, investing in real estate, buying and selling. Perfect also for a stroll in the park, going to the countryside, connecting with our Mother the Earth… Good also for gardening, pottery, sculpting, as well as bodywork…

Moon in Gemini between Sunday 1/8 at 2:06 PM and Tuesday 1/10 at 2:48 PM: Excellent for multi-tasking, curiosity, any form of communication, exchanging information, sending e-mails, calling friends and acquaintances. Great also for social activities, attending conferences, reading a book, watching a documentary, gathering data on various topics, connecting with new people….

Moon in Cancer between Tuesday 1/10 at 2:49 PM and Thursday 1/12 at 4:07 PM: Perfect for family activities, especially those involving children. Good for spending more time at home, cooking, nurturing ourselves and those we love, inviting the people we cherish over for dinner. Excellent also for drawing, creative writing, humor and anything requiring imagination and a touch of craziness….

Moon in Leo between Thursday 1/12 at 4:08 PM and Saturday 1/14 at 7:51 PM : Excellent for anything glamorous, dramatic performances, being in the public’s eye, throwing or attending an elegant party, playing with children, romance and creativity in general…

Moon in Virgo between Saturday 1/14 at 7:52 PM and Tuesday 1/17 at 3:15 AM: Excellent for starting a new fitness program, learning, healthy nutrition, fasting, clearing our closets, cleaning our home, reorganizing our drawers…. Perfect also for detailed work, the focused use of our intelligence, and taking care of small pets….

Moon in Libra between Tuesday 1/17 at 3:16 AM and Thursday 1/19 at 2:08 PM: Great for relationships, associations, diplomatic exchanges with others, anything related to beauty (a haircut, buying new clothes, a make-over…), art (especially painting and decorating…), a pleasant social event (concert, art exhibition…).

Moon in Scorpio between Thursday 1/19 at 2:09 PM and Sunday 1/22 at 2:44 AM: Perfect for scientific research, esoteric studies, self-transformation, shamanism, dealing with the mysteries of life, death, and sexuality, as well as insurances and issues involving personal power.

Moon in Sagittarius between Sunday 1/22 at 2:45 AM and Tuesday 1/24 at 2:42 PM: Perfect for traveling, religious and/or philosophical activities or matters related to higher education and the law. Excellent for lecturing, learning, perfecting a foreign language, exploring other cultures… Perfect also for athletic training and tending to large animals (horses….).

Moon in Capricorn between Tuesday 1/24 at 2:43 PM and Friday 1/27 at 0:36 AM: Good for furthering our ambitions, asking for a promotion, enlisting the support of people in positions of authority, making a good impression, re-structuring our business and redefining our long-term goals…

This month’s intentional meditation starts on Thursday 1/12 with the Full Moon in Cancer. Make sure that at 3:34 AM, you have taken out as many blank sheets as you will have intentions to be charged by the rays of the Full Moon on a balcony, in a garden, or by a window. Once that moment has passed, put them away in a folder.

On Friday 1/27, on the New Moon in Aquarius, take out your blank full moon charged papers and write on each a concise, positive intention. Place them on a balcony, in a garden or near a window so that they are out by exactly 4:07 PM. Once that moment has passed, staple them together and put them away in a folder expecting the manifestation of all your dreams…

Monday 1/2: Venus enters Pisces (11:47 PM till 2/3)

During this coming month, our compassion, sensitivity, attraction to beauty and connection to oneness are greatly increased. Spiritual truths and what lies on the other side of the veil seem closer than usual. An inspiring few weeks for artists, healers, and channelers.

Tuesday 1/3: Mercury Sextile Venus (11:41 AM)

A day of pleasant social encounters, loving communications and balanced relationships. We express what we have to say with diplomacy and kindness.

Wednesday 1/4: Mercury enters Sagittarius (6:17 AM till 1/12)

One week of direct, warm, open communications. Integrity and generosity of spirit assume greater importance than usual. We could be drawn to other countries and cultures. Great for furthering our education and expanding our philosophical and spiritual horizons. As we focus on the silver lining of every dark cloud, legal matters are settled more amicably than at any other time.

Friday 1/6: Sun conjunct Pluto (10:41 PM)

A day of great power and authority. Great for matters requiring all parties involved to work towards a common goal. People out of integrity will be revealed today as nothing can remain hidden under this transit.

Sunday 1/8: Mercury turns direct (1:43 AM)

Communication and electronics return to normal by tomorrow. There could still be some small issues today as Mercury turns direct.

Tuesday 1/10: Sun Square Uranus (8:21 AM), Mars Sextile Pluto (11:11 PM)

A stimulating day to tap into our resourcefulness and inventiveness. As we come up with unusual solutions to the challenges at hand, amazing new pathways reveal themselves. Stress or tension are best dealt with by changing environments and meeting new people. A day to mix things up, change our routine, try something exciting that we’ve never done before.

Wednesday 1/11: Sun Square Jupiter (8:43 PM)

A day to be careful of excesses in pleasure, foods or financial matters. We could feel quite discontented. More important than usual to cultivate gratitude, humility and appreciation for what we have.

Thursday 1/12: Mercury enters Capricorn (6:04 AM till 2/7), Venus conjunct Neptune (1:54 PM)

During the next 3 weeks, our communications are focused. We prefer deep conversations to superficial encounters. We are hard working, disciplined and concentrated. Today, more specifically, is a wonderful day for bringing enchantment to a love relationship. Artists and healers are particularly inspired. We are very attracted to beauty. Our compassion and sensitivity are enhanced.

Thursday 1/19: Mars Square Saturn (1:15 AM), the Sun enters Aquarius (1:24 PM till 2/18)

During the next 3 weeks, humanitarian endeavors as well as friendships come to the forefront. Today, more specifically, we could encounter challenges limiting our scope of action. A day best spent working hard within the boundaries imposed upon us and staying both focused and structured on the tasks at hand.

Friday 1/20: Venus Sextile Pluto (5:53 AM)

A new romance could be profoundly transformative and intense. An existing one requires understanding and cooperation as hidden elements could come to the surface. A great transit for exerting power in financial deals.

Monday 1/23: Mercury Sextile Neptune (1:29 PM)

We could feel somewhat spaced out, as well as more tired and sensitive to outside influences than usual. A day best spent in meditation, dreaming, creating art and focusing on spiritual matters. Not advised for signing legal documents or dealing with practical details.

Friday 1/27: Venus Square Saturn (9:50 AM), Mars enters Aries (9:39 PM till 3/10)

A day to reassess our relationships and clear away connections that no longer serve us. The loneliness we could feel as a result will make us stronger, help us shine our light brighter and attract the people who really deserve us. Aries natives and those who have an Aries Ascendant are favored in the next 6 weeks. Our physical stamina is more dynamic than usual.

Sunday 1/29: Mercury Conjunct Pluto (12:18 PM)

Today, we exert a knowingness that allows us to X-ray situations and people. Our communications are intense and transformative. Our loyalty is being tested.

Tuesday 1/31: Mercury Square Uranus (7:31 PM)

A day to expect the unexpected. Disruptions could occur, plans are likely to be disturbed, sudden separations happen, strange curves are being thrown that launch us on a totally new path. Important to remain extra flexible, remain present to the present and welcome those changes graciously as they could prove in the long run to be particularly freeing.

Wishing you a magical new year! In Loving Light. Michelle Karén, M.A., D.F.Astrol.S.

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