Yeshua, Lady Nada: The Real Meaning Of Christmas

25ca517300000578-2958409-stunning_citizens_in_chelyabinsk_80_miles_from_the_country_s_bor-a-13_1424284326959Lady Nada:
I am “Lady Nada”. It’s such a wonderful gift today to be able to take you on this trip and share with you.

I am here to share “Yeshua” with you as he shares his Christmas message with you. We are so proud of you for all that you have accomplished this year. All of the growth. All of the activity. Your movement forward. We are so, so proud of.

We know that this is a special group. Your processes move forward in spite of everything that life has thrown at you. You have been a survivor. Each of you has moved through the Ascension Processes as they have been laid before you. This has not been easy for all, maybe not for anyone.

Many of you have gone through moves of body, moves of home, moves of consciousness. All of you have made it through these times and with very little back bite I will say. You have continued onward. We are glad for that.

Time now is almost over. Soon we shall be in one another’s presence. Sharing with one another, hugging one another. But for this time, in this moment we still share this way. Know that you are loved. Know that you are blessed. Know that you are special to “Sananda” and I.

I leave you today with this I have said and an introduction to “Yeshua”. Part of my life has been with him. Part of my life now is with “Sananda”. As “Yeshua”, he moves to a time a place where he can speak to you about that which you know.

Have a good week my friends. Thank you.

I am “Yeshua”. I am here in a different aspect than you are used to as my higher aspect of “Sananda”.

Here I come today as “Yeshua”. “Yeshua” was the one you have read about, heard about from so long ago. I come today with this message, this message of peace, of love and goodwill to man. The whole world, the planet.

It is time now, my brothers and sisters; it is time to turn away from all of those things that keep you from knowing who you are, from the oneness that you share with all of mankind and that which has been kept from them.

But that time is no longer. It is time to let go of the old programming. It is time to let go of everything that has held you back until now. These times are special. It is not special because I was born at this time. Because as many of you are aware, I was not born at this time. This was not the time of my birth. I was born in the spring, in the new rising of life.

But many things have changed over the years from when I walked the Earth. And I came to prepare the way for all of you. I am not some special being that is beyond all of you. I am you and you are me. There has never been a time when we were not one with each other. For you to bow down or for you to worship those statues of me, that was not the way it was meant to be. I am not meant to be worshipped. I am meant to be loved. Just as I love each and every one of you.

The time of Christmas is a time of good cheer. It is a time of love and connection of love with everyone around you. It does not mean getting gives and giving gifts. Yes, it has grown into that. Mostly because they brought gifts to me. That is not the importance of Christmas. The importance of Christmas is to share.

You are love with each and every one. Whether it is in gifts or simply doing for another at that time period. That is the message. IT was once given in a wonderful manner in a cartoon you know of as, “Peanuts”. Those of you who remember when “Linus” gave the message of Christmas. He said it was a time for goodwill to men and peace and love across the planet. This was what was meant.

Put away all of the weapons of war. Put away all the weapons of hate. Put away all of the weapons of fear. Turn now to love. For love does conquer all, has always been so and always will be. If you turn towards love, if you turn to the light and you know the light is within you and you are within the light then you can never go wrong. You will never take a side path away from your chosen destiny.

Yes, you each do have a chosen destiny. That destiny does change from time to time. But most of you, all of you, came in with a promise of being everything you can be in this moment. And in the next moment, being everything you can be and in the next. Being everything you can be means reaching out to others. Reaching out to others with your love and your light as much as you possibly can, in every situation. If it means turning the other cheek, than do so. It does not mean to stand there and be pummeled. It does mean to forgive and move on. If I could forgive those who put me on the cross, certainly you can forgive those who you believe crucify you. It is all in a matter of perspective. Your perspective from here on out is to be more of love and light.

Many things are coming. Many things are about to change. You will hear of many of these in your New Year’s Eve get together. “One Who Serves” will share with you the many things you need to know about the coming shifts and changes in the very near future.

Everything is about to shift and you are a part of that shift, each and every one of you. So reach out now my brothers, my sisters, my dear friends. Reach out to each one behind you and assist them in getting across the finish line. The finish line is right in front of you. As my higher aspect has said many times, reach out and grab it.

I am “Yeshua”. All of my peace and love be with each of you.

One Who Serves:
Greetings to you. “One Who Serves” here to answer questions. We know you are already with questions and we are here to answer those questions. You are not going to have the comedic one here. He will be with you for your New Year’s Eve celebration. What a celebration it is going to be.

Be ready for this. Those who can be on the phone at that time will be very welcome. You will partake in all of the festivities even if you are not there in person. We do not speak of festivities in terms of drinking and all of this although that will be available. We are speaking of festivities of celebration. Celebration of the New Year. Celebration of all that is coming to you. It is going to be a grand New Year.

We know we have said this before. We know you have heard it again and again. But isn’t every year a grand New Year? So look at this and respect and as things begin to shift and change you will begin to understand much that we have given here.

We are ready now for questions. “Ashira” is standing by.

Question: I am wondering if the birds and small animals are aware of the presence of UFO’s when they are hovering?

“One Who Serves”
Very interesting question! We have not heard this one before. It is all about awareness. It is all about consciousness. Consciousness of all life is increasing across the planet whether it is bird life or human or animals or insects or flowers and plants. Whatever it might be. All is changing, all is moving through its transitional shift here.

As your consciousness continues to increase, as consciousness all around you continues to increase, you become more aware of what is there. The veil that is there hiding you from regularly seeing that which is in front of you, that is coming down.

Those of the birds and animals level are aware of the shift as well. They are not so much aware of making out what it is but they are aware of the shift. Your animals, your pets, are aware of the shift. Just look at them each day and see the shift that is happening with them. See how they are working with the light. See how they have more and more difficulty in dealing with the stressful situations that are there.

For instance, this one we speak through here, “James”, sees it in his dogs. It is amazing what is happening with these particular dogs here. You can see this happening within your own lives. You will have your answer.

We would agree that the raising of consciousness is happening on the planet. There are animals around the planet that have a higher consciousness already. They are leading the way for others to follow. To be guides to them. To be able to give voice to what is happening to the animals. You have heard this one talk about the animals holding the doors for the human family.

There are many, many animals that are doing the work with other animals and the kingdoms in which they are. They give messages going out to all kingdoms about what is happening as well, ok?

Q: I am confused about asking for help. I don’t know who to ask anymore.

“One Who Serves”
There is no preferred way to ask. It is simply to just ask. Ask of your Higher Self or one of us, it does not matter. Ask and you shall receive. It matters only the message you receive. If there is a particular situation you are asking within, such as there is one in the room who goes to “Anthony” to call upon for lost items and these kinds of things. Does it matter if it is “Anthony” who finds the lost article or is it your own Higher Self that is doing the finding here. You see?

Q: I had a powerful experience last night. At the end I was told “King of Swords”. Can you give me any meaning toward this? (Part of this question was not transcribed)

“One Who Serves”
Do you know who the “King of Swords” is? “Sananda” is the King of Swords here. He has been put into that title here.

To look at your particular situation, your awakened vision, you must know that various things occur, different entities and such, occur within yourself, not outside. They can be depicted that way. If you are seeing the connection with the King of Swords, you are seeing the connection between the Galactics and you. You are experiencing the unity with this. You have a unity with this because of who you are and who this one is and your connection to who you are to him over lifetimes here. You are becoming re-acquainted here with this one and this title. Cannot give too much here at this time.

We are not going to discuss a lot about this.

“One Who Serves”
Again, we are not here to spoil the various surprises that are coming. We are giving various nudges here and there but we are not coming out to do it for you or tell you what exactly it is going to be. That would certainly ruin the surprise.

That would certainly ruin it if those that come to land, we tell you what exactly to expect. That would ruin it for you because you have so much expectation of many things coming. And you want to be surprised, do you not?

Q: Do you have a fast tool that will help me in taking away judgement from my consciousness?

“One Who Serves”
Yes, stop doing it! (laughter) See we can be funny too.

In all seriousness, this is something to work on. To work on it in every given moment you have to do so. In other words, wok on your thought processes. Work on all those things that have been programmed into you to move beyond.

As to a certain tool, there are many that can be done. You can use the various crystals that are available. Many crystals can affect you in the moment you are having those vibrations. There are many crystal types for many different vibrations. Also, many moods and many things that can assist you. For you, in particular, we would look at the Tourmaline. Look it up it will be of assistance to you.

This is an attachment you have. We know that you do not think you have a lot in the way as attachments. When you ask the question about judgment, see the attachment to the word. It is something you can look at and work to overcome.

Attachment to the judgment of people, place and things. You are very rational person. You think about things very deeply. When you give yourself time to think about this not as judgment but about attachment you will find yourself much less needing to judge or be judged.

Q: I don’t understand what you mean to be attached to judgment.

Does it serve you? An attachment is something that we continue to have in our consciousness. It may be a variety of “negative” things we have in our worlds. Since you bring up judgment that is why I address this today.

Judgement gives you some sort of feedback, some sort of measuring stick that you use for feedback on other people, places in your life. It does not need to be. It is only what it is. It is a person’s response. It is a person way of dressing. It is a situation that is not made for you and you can turn away from. Does that make more sense to you?

“One Who Serves”
We would add here to look at attachments and judgment as vibrations. As your vibration increases, those 3D things you have become accustomed to fall off. So look at a particular situation. You are out in nature. You are looking at the sky and the plants and the beauty all around you. Feeling the crispness of the air. Maybe it has just rained so you have the negative ions in the air. Do you feel any judgment then?

See where we are going here? With vibration. As you raise your vibration, there is no place for judgment or attachments. They will all fall off. This is why we say, see the beauty. Raise your vibration by raising your thoughts. It is all one in the same.

Q: There is a movie out called, “The Arrival”. Was this movie specifically planted to help what is coming?

This was very astute of you to see this in this movie. Susan saw this movie as well. This was a huge step forward for humanity. It is a good way to see all sides of an issue. The movie was deep and difficult for some to understand. It is a good one for people to talk around. The concept of Galactics. The concept of coming into contact with other species and to have a positive result, have a positive impact by those who are affected by the film and those who are affected by the talking of the film.

It was planted, as you use the term. It was inspired for disclosure at this time. It is just part of that cycle.

“One Who Serves”
There are many movies you have gone through in your lifetime. Some have been programmed by the Cabal. Produced by the Cabal. Many have received inspiration from us and then were turned by the forces that want to create the programming.

But there are many movies that have come out that have been produced and created by the Alliance or those of the Light. They have been able to get out into the mainstream and have their effect. You know of the “Matrix”, of “Contact”, of “Avatar” and ones of this nature. These bring about an increase in consciousness and bring about disclosure.

We can tell you this is going to continue and many more are going to come out in the very close future here by the Forces of Light. They will push the entire subject of disclosure more and more here. Not only disclosure of extra-terrestrials but disclosure of truth across the entire planet here.

We are ready to release the channel now. We are looking forward to the show when you come with your New Year’s Eve. We are going to be standing back and watching your show here. We know the funny one, the comic is anxious to get up in celebration of a New Year. You will come with your noisemakers in your consciousness at that time. We are very much looking forward to this. Those of you who can be in person and those on the phones it will be wonderful time together.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Please, all of you have a wonderful “Christmas”. Know that we are here if you need us. You can call us by name. That is perfectly OK.

We know that this is a time of great expectation for all of you. The coming year has been built up pretty big.

Do not forget to spend time with your family, with friends and loved ones next Sunday. Share in the love with one another. Share in the light with one another. Know and watch. “Things are changing and you will see these changes in those you ae sharing your weekend with.

Have a wonderful Christmas. Namaste.

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