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Matthew Ward 1/8/2016

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Your calendar year 2017 promises to be exhilarating as the planet rides powerful energy waves along its ascension course. The waves are fields of light, and since light … Continue reading

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The Secrets of America and the Dawn of Human History

At the dawn of human history, some 6000 years ago, in the ancient city of Babylon, a spurt of great prosperity in agriculture brought about a population boom and the formation of family tribes, which also spirited a frenzy of … Continue reading

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Rare Astrological Event: January 7th 2017 All Planets Are Moving Direct

Starting January 7th and going through February 6th, 2017, all of the major planets will be moving direct (forward). Ancients saw this as a time of great fortune and a very opportune time. Stephanie “Wave” Forest is

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2016 Left Us In A Dimensional Hollow

As we move forward into 2017 every inch of us seems confused, are we coming or going, shifting or staying?  2016 left us in a dimensional hollow.  We have sought deeply within and without to perceive the truth of it … Continue reading

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The Federation Of Light and White Cloud

The very warmest of welcomes to those of you who are taking part in this Vibrational offering as the beginning of a new chapter emerges. Dearest friends, all around your globe you are to experience a different kind of Energy … Continue reading

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Ohmnipure: What Am I Waiting For?

There is a time coming in all people’s lives when they will ask themselves, what am I waiting for? I am supposed to be waiting for what someone else can bring me. Or am I supposed to be bringing what … Continue reading

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