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White Hats Report #59: A New Era Begins

When going through a major transformation, one that has potential to be life changing and a pivotal point in history, one gets humbled by the very idea of the privilege to witness such a time. We have all been informed, … Continue reading

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Mother Earth: Promise to You by Mother Earth

Greeting beautiful jewels upon the Earth, I honour the light that you are and emanate. I honour your continuous connection with the divine Creator; I honour the truth that you behold. I am Mother Earth also known as Goddess Gaia, … Continue reading

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The Arcturians: The Year of Light Language

It is the NOW to remember that YOU are the Creators of your reality. It is the NOW to release ALL victimization, self-pity, competition, and ALL your power over ANY person, place, or thing. 2017 is the Year in which … Continue reading

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