Sananda, Lady Nada, Obeedichyah: You Are In The Process Of Your Own Ascension

I am “Obeedichya”! I have not been with you for a very long time, it seems. As you remember, I am the one who stands nine feet tall in front of you on my tail. Black and white. Yes, you knew me as a Killer Whale but that is only a name in this particular world.

This room is filled. It is filled with all

Message From The Masters: Moving Forward

beherenowWalking the Earth as a 5th dimensional Master involves taking quiet times during the day in which you are wholly receptive to the Will of Mother/Father God and being an instrument of the Divine Plan on Earth of peace, harmony and abundance fulfilled. The more you enter into these silent periods throughout your day, the greater potential there is for the GREAT SILENCE

Benjamin Fulford Report: Will It Be World War or World Government

benjamin_fulford_3The big geopolitical players are making final moves as the Presidency of Donald Trump and Western revolution loom. The Western military industrial complex made one of its final big moves by positioning a large tank army in Poland. This is ostensibly aimed at Russia but is in fact a move by a Christian alliance including Russia that is aimed at China. Incoming Trump Secretary of State