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The Arcturians: Possible Phases of Ascension

Please note that these phases overlap within what you perceive as “time.” Furthermore, not everyone will go through every cycle of this process, and some of you will go through the process in a different order. What we present here … Continue reading

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Our God-Self: Beyond The New Energy Waves

My Beloveds! It is true! Beautiful and powerful energy waves are arriving on your planet, raising the consciousness of those who can with devotion surrender to them. Therefore consciousness has potentially risen to a new level on which you easily … Continue reading

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David Icke on Richard Dawkins

The Illuminati know how reality works and they want to make sure that their target population never does. Religion was their major vehicle for this through the ages and then ‘science’ came forward to play its crucial role in suppressing … Continue reading

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A Message From Your Spirit Guides: Your Soul’s Journey

Before you were born on earth, you were here with us. And your spirit was a lively and adventurous one. When you were here with us, you were an instantaneous manifestor, you could be and do anything you wanted, anytime … Continue reading

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Ascension Shift Symptoms

We are addressing different spectrums of the Starseed and Light Bearers shift awakening, to let you know you are all a part of this together, each affecting the whole matrix 444 and that is all beings on the planet in … Continue reading

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This American PR Firm Was Paid Over $500 Million to Produce Fake Terrorist Propaganda

One of the scariest aspects of media nowadays is that you’re not always sure who’s pushing which information. Major corporations own much of the news media, and as one might imagine, they’re not keen on disseminating information that contradicts with … Continue reading

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Zap/Poofness 1/8/2016

POOF SAID: Greetings and Salutations, The shifting times and the sifting approaches toward everything are always pivotal and points us in the direction of which way the wind is blowing. Beyond that, we can at times say nothing; we know … Continue reading

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