David Icke on Richard Dawkins

36588The Illuminati know how reality works and they want to make sure that their target population never does. Religion was their major vehicle for this through the ages and then ‘science’ came forward to play its crucial role in suppressing the truth. The party line in the ‘science’ establishment is that the world is solid and physical and there is no ‘afterlife’. Anything to do with the so-called ‘paranormal’ is condemned or ridiculed by the programmed, often malevolent, ‘experts’ wheeled out to debunk views, experiences and research that demolish the manufactured myopia that is mainstream ‘science’. Ironically, most of what is accepted as scientific ‘fact’ turns out to be simply assumption and not fact at all. This includes, indeed especially so, Charles Darwin’s ‘natural selection’ or ‘survival of the fittest’. As João Magueijo, the Portuguese cosmologist and Professor in Theoretical Physics at Imperial College London, said: ‘ … most science is just a theory and is not motivated by existing observations crying out for an explanation.’ He also rightly observed: ‘It seems to me that contradicting textbook wisdom is only heresy for those who have learnt it from the text book.’

It is quite a sight to see ‘experts’, like Professor Richard Dawkins at Oxford University, trying to discredit anything that doesn’t fit with their concrete belief-system. He condemns religion while being an evangelist for his own – the religion of this-world-is-all-there-is. Dawkins ridicules the ‘God religions’, but doesn’t realise that he is a leading voice of the ‘no-God religion’. He is the High Priest and Chief Zealot of the religion called ‘Scientism’ and he is desperate to debunk anything that could question his intellectual pre-eminence. Dawkins targets with religious zeal those who challenge the omnipotence of mainstream science. I have seen him close up during a debate at the Oxford Union, and also on his television programmes, attempting to debunk alternative healing and the ‘paranormal’. I see fear in his eyes for some reason and almost a sense of panic and desperation. The thought that he could be wrong seems to terrify him, but surely he must know by now that he has been talking bollocks for decades. If he doesn’t, given the evidence available, it’s a real head-shaker. Where has he been? It is the legions of mind-made, song-sheet scientists like Dawkins that man the barricades whenever the party line is under threat. They are gatekeepers who seek to impose their own ignorance upon the masses. A few of them, and certainly those who run the institutions, know what they’re doing, but most have just been programmed by the system to program others.


The university system, elite or otherwise, is ever more irrelevant, ever more in retreat from the cutting edge. There is a revolution of perception going on and the isolated intellect simply can’t see it, nor can it see how ignorant the religion of intellectualism really is. How is mainstream science ever going to understand reality when it is populated by ‘scientists’ filtering everything through a left-brain that can only perceive sequence, time and apartness? It never is and it was never meant to. The idea is to keep people from the truth about reality and the human condition by keeping that knowledge from science. It is the head/heart scientists who are at the cutting edge, not the regular bunch personified by people like Professor Richard Dawkins. He’s the Darwinism groupie at Oxford University who targets his nose-in-the-air bile and ridicule at anyone who has another view of reality beyond the edges of his postage stamp. He condemns religion and yet he is the high-priest of his own – Scientism, the belief that only mainstream science has the truth and anything else is blasphemy. I once appeared with him at the Oxford Union years ago. It was like debating with concrete on legs. He didn’t like me; I can’t think why. The whole Darwinist nonsense, which takes the creator out of Creation, was carefully calculated to indoctrinate a mass perception of life with no purpose, one in which we are mere accidents of ‘evolution’ and life’s a bitch and then you die. It still dominates the collective mind of what is bravely called ‘science’.

As with medicine, law and education, so the closed-world of mainstream science is structured to repel all boarders who threaten to breach the dam that passes for its perception. One method is to attack alternative approaches to healing and condemn them as ‘ crackpot’ or ‘dangerous’, but what could be more crackpot and dangerous to human health than chemotherapy? The science establishment presses for new laws to ‘protect’ people from alternatives while pursuing policies and technologies that are potentially lethal to both people and planet. Scientists who buck the establishment and seek knowledge through an open mind find their funding and job opportunities disappear. Talk to some of those scientists who have challenged the orthodoxy of global warming, for a start. It is the carrot and stick again and it is used across the entire system to keep dissenters in line and truth in the closet.