St Germain, One Who Serves: 2017 – The Year Of Fulfillment

st-germain“Saint Germain”
I am here, briefly, to be with you at this time of New Year. This time that is fast approaching you. Looking back there is so much that has occurred, not only in this past year but in the years previous to this. So much has happened.

Yes, indeed, we understand that it is

The Eagle Has Landed! What Could His Message Be?

65696The Eagle portends great change in the air, a twist in the tale or a bend in the River called Life”, but what surprise awaits us as we approach this great bend? Will there be more rapids, or will the river become as calm as a great lake, just as the eye of the storm promises?

Spirit loves to speak in metaphors

The Pleiadian High Council of Seven: Speedy Manifesttaion

output_bqU4zdWe are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

It does not take nearly as long as you might think it does to accomplish something in the

Immunity Building Juice You Have Got To Try Right Now

juicingWinter is the “perfect storm” for cold and flu.  The cold weather forces you indoors. Of course, you’re then stuck sitting near the person coughing up a lung.  But if you were to try this immunity building juice, your immune

Benjamin Fulford: Khazarian Mafia Chickens Coming Home to Roost

benjamin_fulford_3Full Report

“As ye shall sow, so you shall reap,” has never been more true than in 2016 when the Khazarian mafia’s long list of crimes against humanity began to finally catch up with them. That year saw the removal from power and/or from this world of many