Immunity Building Juice You Have Got To Try Right Now

juicingWinter is the “perfect storm” for cold and flu.  The cold weather forces you indoors. Of course, you’re then stuck sitting near the person coughing up a lung.  But if you were to try this immunity building juice, your immune system would have a fighting chance.

Utilizing the natural immune boosting properties of fruit and vegetables, this juice is the bomb.  Literally.  A bomb meant to explode those little, microscopic critters that have destroyed your immunity.  So what are these great fruit and veggies, you ask? I’m so glad you asked!

Immunity Building Fruit and Vegetables

  • Garlic–Widely known for it’s strong antibacterial and antiviral properties.  Are you worried about bad breath?  Use fresh or dried parsley, or chew a few caraway or fennel seeds when you make a juice with garlic.  Garlic can also be used to replace antibiotics when needed.  And as a bonus also helps to ward off vampires.
  • Ginger–An antioxidant and antimicrobial vegetable, that if used in a juice, adds significant immunity boosting properties.  Ginger also is a wonderful digestive aid that can counteract nausea.  It also goes great with wasabi and soy sauce as a dipping sauce for sushi.  Just sayin’.
  • Parsley–Not only is parsley good for absorbing mouth odor caused by garlic, but it’s also an awesome digestive aid.  And did you know it was also a great urinary tonic?  Since fresh has the largest amount of active ingredients, use a generous handful in your juices.  Also, don’t forget to check your teeth for bits of green stuck in your teeth!
  • Carrot–Such a great source of Vitamins!  And don’t forget the mineral content too!  Potassium, Manganese, Iron, and Copper are vital for a healthy immune system.  And studies show that if just seven ounces of carrot juice are ingested for three weeks, your cholesterol will drop an average of 11 points.  Wow!  So get to drinking carrot juice!  It’s not just for Bugs Bunny anymore.
  • Apples–Scientists put some obese mice on a diet.  When fed different types of apples–fuji, red delicious, granny smith, etc.,–the mice lost weight.  And guess which apple helped the most?  Granny smith.  So grab a bag of organic granny smith apples, and start juicing those suckers!

How to make your Immunity Building Juice:

  •      Ingredient List (try to use only organic)–

–1 medium apple

–3 medium carrots

–2 clove garlic

–1 thumb ginger

–1 handful parsley

  • Gather ingredients
  • Peel apples if not organic
  • Wash carrots and peel if not organic
  • Peel garlic
  • Peel ginger
  • Wash parsley carefully to remove any dirt residues
  • Push all ingredients through juicer
  • Drink within 15 minutes as the juice will begin to degrade


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