Montague Keen: America is Still Striving For World War III

wpd4bc9436_0613 years ago today, I passed to the World of Spirit. For me, it was a beautiful experience to be greeted by those who had inspired and guided me through my life on Earth. It was necessary for me to see exactly what was being done to wipe out the human race by those who had infiltrated all governments, using devious methods such as blackmail, to ensure your governments serve only them and

The Council: Priorities

148419854728695As you move further into the energies of this new reality that we have been speaking with you about, a word about your priorities may be in order. You will in fact begin to bring into manifestation many of the things that you have held to be impossibilities for so long. Many of these things were, in fact, impossibilities in the old paradigms. But huge change brings many new things