The Pleiadians: Until the End of Time, We Will Speak of Peace

148320770580392Today, we are speaking with an old friend, the Pleiadians. While we who speak from the League of Light are as well Pleiadian, we are nearly all from the world of the stellar neighborhood of Taygeta, called Temmer. We will be in contact in this message with Pleiadians of the star Alcyone, from a cluster of worlds. We as Pleiadian humans have a shared

Goddess of Creation: The Final Completion

14802823246507This channel is extremely powerful on many different levels.  At the beginning the Goddess spoke about Standing Rock, USA where the Native Americans have been holding out for months in protest of a pipeline coming through that could potentially ruin the water.  This has become

Yeshua: You Are Here to Demonstrate Love in Action

sananda2017 will be a very interesting and intriguing year because much of a very unexpected nature in human terms will occur. Your awakening process has many facets, each one affecting different places and people in a most beneficial and uplifting fashion.

2017 is a year in which the changes

The Columbia Organic Act of 1871(United States Inc.)

what-is-the-endgame-now__10-13-2013element341The following 15 points are based upon factual historical evidence:

1st: In 1863, Lincoln instituted martial law. He ordered that the states (people) either conscribe troops and provide money in support of the North or be

Why Navajo Hair Matters: It’s Our Culture, Our Memory, and Our Choice

indian-chief-lightOn Tuesday, after Labor Day weekend, my children went back to school. The week before, I had taken my son to the barber to get a haircut—but it was his choice. Such was not the case with another Navajo boy, Malachi Wilson, who was refused entry into his first day of kindergarten and told he would have to cut his hair to get an education. Ironically, Malachi’s school district, despite being