Goddess of Creation: The Final Completion

14802823246507This channel is extremely powerful on many different levels.  At the beginning the Goddess spoke about Standing Rock, USA where the Native Americans have been holding out for months in protest of a pipeline coming through that could potentially ruin the water.  This has become symbolic for many places and people around the world who are seeking to find balance or get out from under control and manipulation.

This entire ascension process that we have participated in for the last 25-30 years has been the manifestation for clearing thousands of years of manipulation.  The Goddess has spoken of this numerous times, and has said that much of the fighting we’ve seen during the past year has also been a result of this energy shifting.  It has been the releasing from the cellular memory of the earth, this old manipulative energy.

I became very emotional in the beginning, in fact I felt as if I might end up taking a break! But once we moved past the energy we shifted into the All That Is.  It was in this space you could see all the many people, angels and light beings who were present to support this time of change.  Everyone had the chance to release their own control and manipulation so as to anchor this change within them.

The Goddess finished with inviting people to create a symbol or something that would represent the energy of unconditional love and compassion.  This is something that you can keep around you that is constantly emanating the vibration of love and support.

Are you ready to stamp complete this part of your life? Are you ready to open to a new year of much greater alignment with love?  This channel can assist you with transition.

Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family.  I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out to embrace all who are here with me.  I embrace all of you who choose to come and be part of these gathering.

There is a great deal taking place upon the earth, as Shelly was explaining or talking about just prior to this conference.  There is a lot that is coming to completion, but often times when something is coming to completion what it is doing is opening the door to that next level of consciousness or that next level of vibration.

So while this year is coming to completion it is the completion of the year, it is the completion of the cycle, it is the completion of multitudes of different cycles that has to do with the energy of individuals that are in that place of persecution, that are in that place of abuse. That are in that place of being – whether they are abusers or being abused.

That whole energy and that whole vibration has really come up into the forefront for people to look at it and make decisions and choices of how this vibration or energy is going to be within their life.  So I recognize that as I say to you that cycle is coming to completion and most often people are saying ‘wait a second it seems like it has been escalating more and more during this year’.  It has been escalating.

The energies of control and manipulation are very much a part of the human experience.  There are those that like to speak about the way it was first brought into the human consciousness through the universe.  Not the universal Light Beings, but through the ETs, but the Extraterrestrials that were here Millions or hundreds of thousands of years ago or thousands of years ago that had come in with the intention of controlling and manipulating and building on people’s fears.

So this is the energy that has been in the process of releasing for the past probably 2000 years.  Those energies are not coming in, and it is not a new energy that is taking place in terms of society and what is prompting things to go on.  Anything that is happening that is in regards to this, the unrest that comes up with every decision that is made, the unrest that comes up because one side has lost and one side has won.  There has been so much of about that that is just a reflection of what society has been clearing out, releasing or in some cases integrating.

There is no right or wrong from my perspective as I look at it from that global or universal perspective of the earth. But I am working with you and I am a part of you, and I can see how that ingrained energy of duality, the right the wrong, the good the bad, the this the that; whatever it may be, has had a very deeply imbedded experience within the human consciousness.  This is why in the process of transitioning that out of the collective consciousness of the whole it has been a very long, you know, process of release and transformation.

Some people will say that even now it is not going to be complete, that there will be even more layers of it.  When you are living upon the earth there will always be layers of duality that are there in order to create the contrast for humanity.  The question is how much of that duality is going to be having an influence on the collective consciousness of the whole and this is the part that we speak of as transitioning.

I am gathering the energies.  I am bringing forth what I do wish to speak about and I do want to talk about what was discussed in the beginning.  When we speak of the indigenous people around the world and how they have all come together with Standing Rock, which is in North Dakota in the United States.  For those who might not know about this, in other countries, it is where the Native Americans are making a stand to say this was our land, this is our sacred land, this is our sacred water and we are standing here to protect it.

Not only is Standing Rock where they take a stand, but historically it has been a very important place for the indigenous people.  Multiple times over the years, throughout history, or for the last couple of hundred years, for 150 to 200 years there have been time after time after time after time in which treaties and agreements have been broken.  It has gotten to the point where this group of people has said; ‘this is it, the time has come.  We are standing here now in the support for what is our own, and we are standing in the support and the continuity for who we are.  We are protecting our resources and we are protecting our lives’.

This has tapped into an energy that surrounds the globe.  This is something that is playing out in many, many different cultures and many of these other indigenous people are coming to support these individuals.  Some in physicality going there physically, some through the internet, some through videos, some through many different resources that are available to people now.

So what is going to happen?  Where is this all going to go?  What is happening is that beginning a while back, this is not new, there began the unravelling of the support for those big businesses that have been steamrolling over so many situations.  You see it about your food.  You see it about the pipelines.  You see it about your resources.  You see it about the many different ways that you have had sustenance for your lifestyle upon the earth that is transitioning.

It is very interesting because as I look at this what is happening is you have gone from living from the land, being of the land, being nurtured by the land and supporting where you support the land and the land supports you; into the industrial age which gave everything the opportunity to be easier for human kind, to be quicker, to have things happen with greater ease, from your cars, from industry; you know on and on I could go.

To where now, as we are moving forward to this next millennium in which we are still in the doorway of the millennium, what is going to happen is that people are going to take that what they learned from the ease, what they learned from all these experiences.  But they are coming back full circle and going back into that simplicity.  They want food that really nurtures them not food that has been modified.  They want an alignment with the earth where the earth supports them and they support the earth.

We have spoken in the past; it may or not be remembered.  One of the reasons that the fossil fuels are dimensioning in the way that they are, and more and more people are speaking about the green environment and the green energy, is that the earth has given what it intended to give.  Now some people will say ‘well we will just drill differently, or we just have to find it differently, or we have to go deeper, or we have to go to this place or that place’.  You know there are many different reasons that people have for why they have to keep going on this pathway, but the time is complete.

The time is done and Gaia has said this is it.  The fossil fuels have been a surplus from the earth to support the humanity and the machines that you have upon the earth. But it was never intended to be an unlimited supply.  The fossil fuels that are within the earth have always been there as a means to supporting the earth.  It creates a pathway inside of the earth.  It nurtures the earth.  So the earth cannot continue if it were to bleed completely dry of this fossil fuel.  So this is one of the reasons why this is coming to an end. And there is no surprise that the synchronicity between people that are standing up saying we are here, we are taking a stand, versus those who are trying to perpetuate something that is not even going to last even another 10 or 15 years anyway.

Completion.  Now is the completion and I feel a great deal of emotion coming up within people as I tap into this.  There are alternatives; the wind, the sun, generating energy from crystals.  There are many, many sources that are not even comprehended at this time, but we believe in humanity.  We know that humanity has the answers. The Universal Light Beings work with humanity in terms of uncovering something that is available.  So at the end of the day, at the end of this time space reality, at the end of this now moment; it’s done.

We are moving into a new era that includes a foundation of love.  It includes that conscious awareness where each person knows that they are more than just this human being that they are.  We are moving into that time space reality of unlimited potential. Because when you have been in that space of fear, do you have unlimited potentials?  No.  When you have been in a space of trying control and manipulate are you looking at different potentials and opportunities?  No.

Therefore the time is now and I invite each one of you to open up in your own life to unconditional love from your own god source energy that that may introduce in your life the limitless potential that is available to you.

I feel such love for all of humanity.  I feel such great admiration for the lives that you have lived.  Be open.  Know that this is happening and know that these new potentials and opportunities are beginning to manifest right now.  They have already begun and they have been manifesting, but now is when you are going to begin to see it on a much more conscious level and one after another after another after another experience.  We are clearing out the collective consciousness.  We are sweeping away what no longer serves, which in turn is opening up everybody to their own potential.

I feel as if the Channel is done.  We are complete. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ahh.  There is so much emotion that Shelly is feeling. (Some tears in her voice and eyes.)

What so many people have been experiencing is that continuous experience of frustration, disappointment, that cycle of when is it going to happen.  When am I going to manifest what I want?  When is it really going to be here?  And I am saying it is here now.  It is happening now.  It is happening in the dimensions in which you reside.

For some people they are in slightly disconnected dimensions.  They are not yet in complete alignment with. But the key is that this energy is now becoming more easily available for you to step into it and it doesn’t mean that you have years after years after years where you are struggling through the 3rddimensional density to try to get to something that seems to be unattainable.

It can happen in an instant.  You can find yourself in that vibration that you have been creating for a very long time and when you get there and it fits and it stays; everything will unfold.  I believe in you.  I believe that this time the clearing out and transformation is happening.

I am gathering the energies.  I am helping to kind of anchor Shelly once more as I am anchoring each one of you.  Oh there is a lot of emotion again.

Feel my love.  Feel my compassion. Feel my acknowledgement. This is going out to everyone who is consciously listening and watching with me, to every single person at Standing Rock, to every single person that might be homeless or in a struggling situation.  To every single person who is just living their life, but yet seeking something more.  This is a transformation that’s clearing out the collective consciousness and giving every single person upon the earth the opportunity to transition into something new.  There we go now I felt like things were just kind of balancing out.

Do you see all the people that are here?  Do you see all the Angels and Light Beings that are upon the earth?  Some are walking the earth as humans.  Some are walking the earth as energy.  Be open to feel.  Allow your senses to open up so that you may see more clearly.  Experience this.

You see here is another transition.  We did this all here in your everyday reality.  We will still move into the higher dimensions.  We will still shift into the All That Is, but it is important for you to understand that you can do this here, right now, in your everyday reality.

You have your Higher Self and the All That Is as a means of creating clarity, expanding your consciousness and for opening to your divinity.  You also can create in those spaces, in those dimensions, and let it trickle down into your everyday reality.  So too you can create in your everyday reality and seek your Higher Self and your Divinity to support what you have been creating.

Now if there is a disconnect in what you have been creating and your divinity things will be a little bit wonky and they won’t necessarily go smoothly, which is an indicator for you to shift and allow and release.

Okay now I feel we can transition.  There was so much energy holding us in this space, but now if you take one more breath into the earth and then you bring that breath up through you.  You feel it as it comes up through your energy bodies.  It comes up through the top of your head and you find yourself aligning with your Higher Self.

As you arrive within your Higher Self you can feel your energy expanding outwards.  Perhaps as you look around you may notice that there are old energies here; old projects that didn’t work, old potentials.  Let’s take a moment to clear it out.  ~whew~.  Just like you send a ball of energy rolling through, let it move through this space clearing out all that is here. And as you do so it finds its intrinsic balance.

You then continue to follow that stream of energy that is your alignment with your soul.  There is that thread of energy that aligns with you and ends with your divinity. So you follow that thread of light as it moves up and you find yourself aligning with your divinity.

Feel the warm loving embrace from your own God Source energy.  Some may have a sense of a door opening.  Some may see just a blur of energy.  Some may see what looks like a human and you are merging with the human.  Some may just feel a presence.  However you see how this is to be allow yourself to simply merge with these energies.

As you find your conscious awareness blending with your divinity you begin to find yourself just kind of stretching out as if you are stretching out your energy, stretching out your consciousness, so that you can feel more of the wave upon wave of unconditional love that is here for you.

This is you.  This is your source.  This is the energy that is available to be in support of you at all times.  It is never gone.  It is never disconnected.  If ever there is a perception of disconnection that comes from within the ego or your personality.  Feel this expansion.  Feel this awareness.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you.  I reach out to embrace all of who you are.  As we do so I invite you to open up feeling how my energy merges with yours and I amplify all of who you are.  Everyone shifts moving into the All That Is.  As you arrive within the All That Is there are many different Angels and Light Beings who are here.

Even though this is not necessarily the end of your year the winter or summer solstice, or the calendar year; there is no time space reality within this dimension.  So all of these Angels and Light Beings that are here at this time are here because they have all participated on many different levels throughout the years, and we are talking the past hundred and thousands of years.

They are therefore part of this completion of this cycle.  Take time to walk amongst these people to look around at all who are here and know that you are a part of this energy.  It doesn’t matter when you read this, or you listen to this, or you watch this, if you are drawn to this experience then you are part of this energy.  Some of you are for lifetime upon lifetime upon lifetime and these are where you can connect with the aspects of yourself in these other lifetimes.

As we walk through here I wish to facilitate for each one of you your own space of clearing out.  I weave together a pattern of light and vibration that it may surround you and as I do so I ask you to take a moment and consider not only this life, but every lifetime that you may have in which that control and manipulation may have had an impact upon you.

For some it has been cleared, it is complete, it is a non-issue.  You just shift into another higher light vibration that resonates with you.  But we will take this moment and as if you are indicating whatever it is we are just going through clearing out, drawing that energy in so that anything on any time space reality, bring it in bring it in, bring it in ~whew~ let’s clear it out.

Let’s take a moment since I spoke about it earlier and clear out the control and manipulation that is being played out in Standing Rock.  Anything that is being shown being it conscious or unconscious let’s just take that energy, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ clear it out.  If there are other spaces, pockets within society in which control and manipulation is being played out let’s tap into that energy bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~.

You can find the difference can’t you from when you are personally involved, it was a huge transition; to the more we tapped into things that may or may not directly relate to you.  The energy or vibration that is transitioned is not always felt as deeply or as distinctly.  But we are choosing to take this opportunity, meaning we as a group, you as your God source energy, you as the human in this lifetime are all coming together and you are saying I am willing to go through my lifetime, be it every lifetime, be it this lifetime so that I can clear out anything associated with that old energy of control, manipulation and abuse of power.

As you go back down inside of yourself.  As you look at your life I ask you are there opportunities that you have had, or have there been instances in your own life, where you have reacted to situations or you have reacted to others from that place of control, or that space of control, if so bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~, and clear it out.

You can feel the transition as it takes place.  You can feel that movement that is going through you.  You are this magnificent opportunity and now is the time to activate those energies.

So you breathe down inside of yourself again.  As you look inside can you open up to the next phase in your life in which the foundation is based in love.  Unconditional love first and foremost for yourself, but then unconditional love and compassion as you look out into the world and you breath down into yourself and you let it flow through every level for who you are.

As you look at your life if you still have those things that have disappointed you, perhaps people, perhaps situations, whatever it is, I invite you to bring up every bit of that; every bit of which you are conscious or unconscious in any time space reality.  You bring up whatever frustration, anger, whatever it may be and ~whew~ you clear it out.  You breathe in the love of your divinity.  You flow the love and light for who you are letting it come down within you again.

Open to this new potential.  I’m laughing because I have heard people say this is nothing new we have been doing this for years.  Okay.  Open to the potential that as we step in to a new year, a new year that is a new beginning energetically and cosmically that it may be a beginning in which you allow yourself to be the huge expansive person that you can be.

May this new year bring for you unconditional love within yourself.  Feeling the love, knowing the love, being the love.  You let that wash over you.

Look around at the Angels.  Look around at the people.  Look around at all the many, many energies that are here tonight.  Connect with whomever you would like to connect.  Feel the flow, feel the energy, and have the knowledge that you have access to limitless potential.  We can feel this flow as it is moving through everyone.

Okay, there are so many different symbols that representative love.  You’ve got the many people that use that symbol.  You’ve got the images of the Christmas tree and the Christmas experience, the nativity scenes.  You’ve got the images of the Menorah.  You’ve got the light that is represented by the Light of Islam, and there are many others that we see out there that we seek to send through Shelly’s brain, but light, love, compassion, whatever symbol that represents to you allow that symbol to come through you right now.

Open up and feel how this is the foundation within your heart and allow this symbol to be something you use in your everyday life so that you are constantly in the vibration.  It is not about doing good, bad, or in-between.  It is about the vibration that it emanates so that you entrain your own energies with that vibration of love.  Feel it as it moves through you.  Feel the power.  Feel the energy.  Feel the intrinsic balance that is taking place.

Now my beloved family I invite you all to come back together.  It’s almost like there are tiers, meaning layers and levels of people that come together forming a circle. And coming up within that circle is the hologram of the earth.  This time as you look at the hologram have the very specific intension that it is generating a greater clarity than ever before.  As you do so infuse into it love; love as a foundation, love as a way of life, love as an intention.

You see that as it moves through the waves and the energy of this hologram.  It is as if it spins in upon itself.  As it does so you step back and release it.  It is also infused with a great deal of energy from all the Angels and the Light Beings that are here for a part of this.  And as this hologram moves down into the earth there is a sense of an aspect, or a part of it, goes out into the universe and the rest of it goes down into the earth.

It moves through the collective consciousness of the earth, again ~whew~ clearing out the collective consciousness.  It goes down into the center of the earth.  As it anchors within the earth, there’s that alignment with the gasses, the rocks, the crystals, that energy that makes up the physical earth itself and then that hologram expands upwards.

It comes up through the many layers of the earth.  It comes up through the surface of the earth and as it does so it comes up within each one of you within your own life.  As you are anchoring within you everything that you did and evolved into within the All That Is. So too it is coming up within each human within each person.  It is coming up for those that are not here consciously choosing this as a potential for them that they may move into.  It’s moving through the grass, the animals, the trees, and the water.  It’s moving through all parts of the earth itself.  From this perspective it is also clearing out the collective consciousness.  There are still pockets of that energy that are stuck and then again we have that intention that it clears through all of those pockets.

You take a moment to allow your focus to come back within the All That Is.  You have already started streaming back your vibration and your energy, and your consciousness so you bring it back within you.  It comes back down through your divinity, through your I AM presence.  And then as you are bringing your expanded consciousness into your Higher Self it clears it out expanding things once more.  Then it comes down even further.  It comes down within you the person that you are and you become balanced with the energies of the earth and the energies of the universe.  It flows through you creating a greater balance for you and a greater opening that supports you.

Take a deep breath in and feel who you are.  If ever you think you’re only one person.  You can’t make a difference?  What good does it do?  It makes a difference.  You make a difference.  Be open to receive.

So much has happened tonight during this journey.  There has been a humongous transition that took place as a result of the journey, and then even with the questions and answers there has been a lot that has come up that almost like that teeter totter effect; as you clear out things and you bring certain information in.

So as you are making your choice, as you live day to day, again I remind you find what is going to be that symbol of your heart and that unconditional love energy so that you may have it as a part of your life.  So that it may be there as a vibration or as an energy that just radiates out from whatever that symbol may be for you.  Know that many powerful forces on many different dimensions are a support for all that is taking place and now is the time, now is the new beginning.  May it open with unconditional love and compassion.

Beloved family know that I am always in and within you. Ansaluia.

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