The Arcturians: We Are Your Galactic Family

148332134341165Sue Lie: Hello everyone. I decided today, or maybe I heard today. I’m not sure. Sometimes when we hear from our Higher Self or the Higher Beings, we’re not sure if it’s coming from us, or if it’s coming from them. Actually, that is good, as that is a form of merging – right Shawnna?

Shawnna Donop: That’s true

Saul: Release All Your Doubts, And REJOICE

saulAs you have been told so many times by so many in the spiritual realms, “There is no separation, there is only the One.” Now your scientists have found it to be true, and that everything is connected inseparably to everything else that they are capable of measuring.

They are still having difficulty with the concept that there may be “stuff,” “material,” “consciousness” in the observed universe that exists but which they cannot be

The Pleiadians: How You Create Your Reality

146969968229822We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

So there seems to be a bit of confusion around the idea of creating your reality, and we would like to clear that up for you. This is something that

The Federation of Light: Your Path

galacticfederationoflightBlossom: With all respect. I cant say this is one of the most exciting channelings we’ve ever done!!

Federation of Light: We are ready to begin.

That’s a first … you starting!

This Is What Diet Soda Does To Your Brain, Kidneys, Mood, Teeth, and Lungs

1238196255Some folks think diet soda can help them lose weight. Not only is that untrue, diet soda causes lots of health problems and it can cause weight gain.

Here are some of the things that will happen to your body if you drink diet soda regularly.