The Eagle Has Landed! What Could His Message Be?

65696The Eagle portends great change in the air, a twist in the tale or a bend in the River called Life”, but what surprise awaits us as we approach this great bend? Will there be more rapids, or will the river become as calm as a great lake, just as the eye of the storm promises?

Spirit loves to speak in metaphors! It makes for better understanding apparently since each of us determines what these words may or may not mean.

Seriously though, the Eagle has landed right here in my little pine forest. He arrived about the time of the Equinox, at the start of Spring time and he’s been calling out to me ever since. Some readers may remember me blogging about another bird that appeared in my reality at about the same time of the year 2014. I called this my exotic bird because his call reminded me of the Amazon, although I’ve never visited there in this timeline. I only caught sight of him a few times and although his plumage appeared to be black, when the sunlight bounced off of his feathers I noticed he was the deepest sapphire blue.

My Eagle is also elusive since I’ve only caught sight of him a couple times surfing the thermal air currents, but I have heard him calling often. He did, however, land right in front of me in my dreams this morning. The strange thing is that he appeared to be more man than bird. Can angels shape shift? Nothing surprises me anymore and I know without a shadow of doubt that anything and everything is absolutely possible!

It just so happened that at the end of 2014 after my exotic bird appeared in my reality, it was suddenly made possible for me to leave Mexico and return back to my home country, South Africa, and what a huge change that change brought about in my life!

So what great change is the Eagle bringing me/us? I have a strong feeling that 2017 will be a year of New Beginnings or a New Chapter in the Book of Life we’re writing together. This may be true for you as well, as I’m sure there are many of you who feel you are ready for significant change.

Is it significant that 2017 resonates with the number one? Absolutely!

The biggest learning or remembrance for me in 2016 has been seeing through the illusions of time and separation.

Wrapping the human mind around the fact that everything is happening in this moment of Now, and that it is in this Divine Moment where Presence may be found, right here within our bodies, on the inner planes of our reality, has been one of my most rewarding experiences so far in this transition. The inner plane can also be likened to the eye of the storm, where a true sense of peace and calmness exist whilst everywhere around you chaos ensues.

This Stillness within or Still Point is achieved when you are in alignment with your Self, and when you can BE in absolute stillness and just notice and be aware without expending your energy or engaging yourself in the chaos. This is when you are in your Body, and out of your lower human consciousness and mind, and where you are strongest and most powerful.

If you can learn to go deep within the inner plane and meditate within this Space, you can achieve greatness of Spirit, so I am told. It is also within the inner plane that healing of the Body can occur, since the mind is the cause of all pain and suffering.

I wish to leave you in this Now with some remembrance that will help you achieve Stillness within. Whenever you’re feeling yourself becoming frazzled with life and being drawn down into the lower planes, use the power of unconditional love to rise back up again.

The Arcturians refer to unconditional love as the bonding force of the Universe. Michael refers to unconditional love as being the ‘glue’ that holds it all together. It can also bring it all together, meaning it can bring you into alignment with your multi-dimensional Self, and also within your human mental, emotional, physical, astral and etheric bodies. It will help you to achieve equilibrium and a sense of balance. There is no limitation to what unconditional love can do for you!

“May we remind you that whenever you give unconditional love to your unconscious self, you merge your conscious self (often perceived as your present) and the unconscious self (often perceived as your past) into the NOW of the ONE.” ~ The Arcturians

Therefore as you surf the great wave of change occurring now, let this simple mantra do it for you:

“I open my Heart now to receive more and more unconditional love!”

Again now Michael reminds me, “There is nothing you have to DO, just BE love! BE inside Me (your Higher Self), inside your Body. BE on the inner plane where the ALL is occurring perfectly within this Divine Moment of Now, where manifestation occurs effortlessly, where true love, joy, peace and freedom reign.”

We love you! Namaste.

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